Yikes! Now an AI Can Alarm You on Your Bad Poop Day



This AI will accurately detect your poop and analyze your present health conditions

Artificial intelligence is exploring the way healthcare providers are operating. AI innovations have exponentially transformed the way healthcare professionals are enhancing care outcomes, patient experiences, and their access to distinct healthcare services. Creativity in AI innovations has exceeded to a certain point where we now have an AI that can detect IBS. Little did researchers know that within a span of a few years since the mainstream adoption of AI, we would have at our hands a system that can scan poop! Dieta Mobile is an app, powered by synthetic intelligence that can describe poop more accurately than the patients themselves.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is quite common and nearly affects up to 1 billion people worldwide. Sometimes these patients do not even realize that what they have is not normal. So, the app users can detect their poop to understand the condition of their health. They can click photos of their poop, and upload them on the app which can analyze the present condition of their health and accurately detect if they have IBS. And in case a third party opens up your phone and sees a gallery full of poop snaps, artificial intelligence will categorize the poop snaps into one of the seven categories in accordance with the Bristol Stool Scale, a diagnostic stool tool. A version of this app is now being tested for clinical purposes. A GPS feature will enable doctors to follow the aggressiveness of the patients’ bowel movements.

Before this, high-tech poop-scanning projects have been in the healthcare domain since 2019, at a time when researchers asked the public to send photos of their poop to train AI systems and create the world’s first crowd sourced poop database. They even tweeted about it on social media platforms with #GiveAShit.

These applications are becoming a growing trend in the heathtech sector. While all this might sound crazy and creative, it seems like the pharmaceutical industry is now more concerned with new gadgets and programs rather than more prominent issues like poverty and pollution, which are some of the major causes of poor health. But it seems like the healthcare industry will stand to gain major profits from this poop-scanning app.

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