Why choose a carpet vacuum cleaner

After purchasing a carpet, the next step is to make sure it is always clean. Cleaning the carpet can be done by using a machine or hand washing. In this article, we shall look at using a carpet cleaner and the advantages and disadvantages of using a vacuum carpet cleaner.

What is a vacuum cleaner?

Vacuum cleaners are apparatus used to clean surfaces by sucking and removing dust and tiny particles. The removed particles are sucked into a bag that is inside the cleaner. The carpet vacuum is composed of various parts. These are;

1. Fan blades

The fan blades are angled in a convectional way as the product. These angled blades create suction power to keep the air moving steadily in a vacuum.

2. Intake port

With the help of fan blades, the intake port allows air in the vacuum, thus maintaining a steady suction of dust particles.

3. Exhaust port

The exhaust port provides an air outlet that is sucked into the intake port.

4. The electric motor

The electric motor is connected to the fans. High electric powers make the carpet vacuum cleaner work better. A lot of engines operate at a capacity of 1600-1800 watts.

5. Dust bag

After the dust is collected from the carpet through the intake port, it is deposited in the dust bag inside the carpet vacuum cleaner. This dust bag can be removed for the dust to be emptied.

Reasons Why you should use the vacuum carpet cleaner.

1. It saves time

Since these vacuum cleaners are electric, work becomes easier; thus, we save time. With a vacuum cleaner, you can clean a large room in approximately ten minutes, whereas you can take almost hours working manually.

2. Easy to use

Using a vacuum cleaner is easy since you only need to plug into power and let it where you want to clean.

3. Save personal energy

You only need to lift and take it to where you wish to clean it.

4. They are cheap

The prices of vacuum cleaners are low due to improving technology in society. Thus you can buy a vacuum cleaner that will help you save time and spend less.

5. Help toeliminate allergens from the air.

Vacuum cleaners have been developed in recent years to become more advanced. Most manufacturers equip vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters that eliminate viruses and bacteria from the air. HEPA filters also block air-borne diseases that cause microbes, thus maintaining a healthy environment.

Drawbacks of vacuum cleaner

1. Increased electricity bill

Vacuum cleaners use electricity to run; thus, the electricity bill goes high when used for long hours. Although some companies have come up with appliances with reduced power consumption, there will still be an additional cost on your monthly bill.

2. Additional Dustin bag

When using a vacuum cleaner, you will need to buy extra dustbin bags. Though the cost is not that high, it still makes the monthly bill rise

In conclusion, vacuum cleaners help clean your place with ease and help you save time and energy.

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