Top All-in-One Cryptocurrencies to Buy and Hold in January 2022


The attention and popularity that digital currencies enjoy have surely made investors decipher as to which are the best cryptocurrencies to invest in.

Cryptocurrencies are trending worldwide. It seems like ages when only a select range of investors was keen on investing in crypto. In present times, there is hardly any person remaining who hasn’t thought about investing in cryptocurrency. With differing degrees of utility, adoption, and promise, the cryptocurrency market has managed to garner attention from every corner of the globe. The attention and popularity that the digital currencies enjoy have surely made investors decipher as to which are the best cryptocurrencies to invest in. On that note, here is the list of the top all-in-one cryptocurrencies to buy and hold in January 2022. 



The king of all cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, is the first of its kind to have the highest liquidity value. This cryptocurrency aims at becoming a fully decentralized, global, peer-to-peer digital cash with no regulations. Despite the volatile nature of the market, Bitcoin is the most stable one. While the name is synonymous with cryptocurrency, Bitcoin’s popularity, demand, and adoption are expected to grow manyfold in the coming years. The future of that is already being shaped with companies opening to the idea of accepting Bitcoins for payment.



Ethereum was the first cryptocurrency to introduce smart contracts that allow developers to create desktop and mobile decentralized applications powered by blockchain technology. Ethereum has maintained its position in the top cryptocurrencies of all time ever since and has a loyal team of investors who vouch for this cryptocurrency. This means Ethereum has a better chance of remaining stable, after Bitcoins.



This is an affordable cryptocurrency that is becoming a cult favorite at a rapid pace. Since its inception in 2015, it has become a strong player in the market with its Ouroboros blockchain, which means having two blockchains instead of one. Here, one blockchain will manage general ordinary transactions while the other will manage smart contracts. The logic behind this is the ability of Cardano to remain scalable and fast as two types of transactions will not slow it down. Another interesting fact about Cardano is that most of the people who have invested in this cryptocurrency are from Japan. Hence, Cardano is also known as the “Japanese Ethereum” because it uses the Proof of Stake algorithm which Ethereum has been planning to do for a long time now. 


Binance Coin

If you own either Bitcoins or Ethereums and want to diversify your portfolio, look no further than Binance Coin. The parent company, Binance, has a strong business history that has created a useful ‘utility token’. The value of Binance Coin comes from its usefulness and its demand which is for traders to use Binance Coins to buy other cryptocurrencies on Binance Exchange. It is worthy to note that Binance Exchange is one of the world’s fastest-growing cryptocurrency exchanges and with every transaction done on the platform using Binance Coins, it is only becoming stronger.



Ripple gets a mention in this list because its vision is a little different from the rest of the cryptocurrencies on this list. Ripple is a venture-backed startup that is known to offer finance settlement services to banks in a way to facilitate transactions directly and instantly across national borders. Over the years, it has collaborated with large banks globally including the Bank of America. This makes it ideal for institutional investment rather than a personal one.



The fact that Dogecoin still stands strong after not being taken seriously is a statement in itself. First, Redditors spiked the price to new heights in early 2021 as a way to prevent the speculated short-selling of Dogecoins by many Wall Street hedge funds. And then, Elon Musk called himself the “Dogefather” promoting this cryptocurrency further. While many argue the legitimacy of this coin, Dogecoin continues to have its share of market value. 


Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu is more of a community- and supporter-driven crypto that enjoys the security and advanced features of the Ethereum ecosystem. Of late, this cryptocurrency has posted significant growth during the last year thus emphasising the fact that it stands for good potential in the coming years.



Solana, which works with a blend of proof-of-stake and proof-of-history mechanisms, has fetched huge returns for investors. One area where this cryptocurrency has outshined the rest is in the area of decentralized finance (DeFi), decentralized apps (DApps), and smart contracts all throwing light on how good of an investment this is.

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