Add Social Media Feeds To WordPress Website Under 2 Minutes

Do you have a WordPress website? Then this article might be beneficial for you. We all know that the world is now taking massive steps toward the online establishment, and for that, it is essential to have an attractive website. So, have you ever thought of adding a social media feed to WordPress website? If you haven’t, then this blog might change your mind and convenience you to integrate your WordPress website with social media platforms.

We all know that social media has completely changed our daily lives. Besides individuals, social media also has a huge impact even on brands. With notable features to express through various content, ease of reaching more customers, and marketing a brand in front of a huge audience, social media has undoubtedly helped brands in many ways. 

However, you can extract more benefits from social media by simply adding a social media feed to WordPress websites.

Various tools are currently available in the market that helps brands embed social media feed on WordPress smoothly. Out of these fantastic tools, 5 most popular and outstanding tools that you should try are –

  • Tagembed 
  • Feed Them Social
  • Juicer
  • Embed Social
  • Woxo. 

These tools help to embed social feeds and ease the embedding process. To embed a social media feed on the WordPress website, you just need to follow some simple and basic steps mentioned below.

Steps to Embed Social Media Feed on WordPress Website

If you think adding social media feeds on WordPress websites is a complex process, then you are highly mistaken. With Tagembed, you can easily add social media feeds to WordPress within a few seconds.

Step 1: Sign up to Tagembed to create a new account, or if you are an existing account log in with your credentials.

Step 2: Your widget will be ready on your dashboard; click on the Open button to continue. And if you are an existing user, create a new widget.

Step 3: Select the social media platform source from your widget from 19+ options.

Step 4: Personalize and modify your widget, if needed. And after making the changes, click on the embed widget button.

Step 5: Select WordPress as your website building platform.

Step 6: Copy the embedding code and paste it onto the backend of your website.

And that’s it, a few simple steps, and now you own a WordPress website that displays social media feeds. Moreover, Tagembed also provides features such as customization, moderation, custom CSS, custom CTA and more, that not only add significant value to this tool but also make the strategy more beneficial.

Benefits of Adding Social Media Feed To WordPress Websites

So, now you know the simplest way to add a social media feed to WordPress website, you must be wondering about the need to adopt this strategy. Here are some of the handpicked benefits of this strategy that might convince you to integrate social media with your WordPress website.

1. Improves the overall look of your website

Social media users are incredibly talented and use the features from each platform smartly and to their full potential. By adding this content to the website, you can bring a great visual appeal to the website and change the whole look and feel of it. You can create an everlasting impression on your visitors with an attractive website and develop a brand reputation.

2. Makes the website engaging

An engaging website has the potential to attract more visitors and hold them on the site. Social media platforms have ample content that provides excellent engagement and entertainment. Moreover, various social media platforms offer visual-based content, and we all know that visual-based content can potentially amuse the audience for a long duration.

3. Boosts user-generated content related to a brand

UGC provides a significant boost to the market recognition and reputation of a brand. As more people post content related to a brand, the brand has more chances to reach a large audience. So, by adding social media feeds to WordPress websites, you can boost UGC related to your brand and help your brand grow and prosper. 

People feel valued when a brand showcases its content on its website. It inspires them to make more such content while motivating other customers to create content related to a brand and enjoy their limelight on the brand’s website.

There are various other benefits associated with this strategy, but you need to have social media feeds on WordPress websites. The tools mentioned above help you in smooth integration between your WordPress website and social media platforms.

Summing It Up

Many brands are now actively choosing to add social media feed to WordPress websites to have their competitors’ edge. The tools mentioned above are currently the best in the business assist in improving their reputation and help maintain an everlasting impression on consumers. 

So, what is stopping you now? 

Try these tools now, and enjoy the benefits they offer.

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