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February 2, 2022

Best Crypto to Invest

The crypto industry is increasingly proving to be one of the best investments opportunities. Many people have become dollar millionaires over a short period. Remember Shiba Inu in 2021? The cryptocurrency made many people rich last year. There are still such projects in 2022 only that most investors are not aware of them. If looking for the best crypto to buy today, this list has some of the highly potent cryptocurrencies of 2022. Here are some of the best crypto to invest in today.



One of the best and most promising crypto projects to invest in today is Bitgert. The project has been doing well since it launched on 28th July 2021. Bitgert is a DeFi project on the Binance Smart Chain. Two major products are making Bitgert the most unique and disruptive crypto project. They are centralized exchange and a gas-free blockchain.

The Bitgert CEX development is also almost complete and will release in Q1 this year. The zero-gas-fee blockchain, which uses parachain and relay chain technology, is currently under development. Bitgert blockchain is the solution to the gas fee issue and will be the only gasless blockchain in the market. These are reasons why Bitgert is one of the best crypto to invest in this year.



For investors looking for a crypto project that offers the best passive income, Centcex is one of the projects. The design of the Centcex project is to provide investors with the best passive income in the crypto market. The project is giving 100% APY of the revenue that products have generated to staked tokens.

To ensure investors get the highest possible returns, the Centcex team is planning to develop an unlimited number of products for the ecosystem. This is through the Centcex Labs. This means better token utility and more staking income. This is why Centcex has been rated as one of the highly potent of 2022.


Shiba Inu

The ability of a crypto project to bull run is one of the factors to consider when choosing good crypto to invest in. There are many reasons why Shiba Inu is considered one of the best crypto investments of 2022. The huge market value and the large Shiba community are some of the factors that give this cryptocurrency huge potential to explode.

The Shiba Inu dev team has also been changing the cryptocurrency to a more utility coin from just being a meme coin. This is to give $SHIB more utility. The ShibaSwap was one of the products the team developed for the ecosystem. More products are coming up, including gaming and NFT products. The Doggy DAO is making Shiba Inu more decentralized and will be a game-changer upon launching.



The other good crypto investment in the market today is Bitcoin. There is a lot of developments around BTC, but one thing that stands out is this is a force to reckon with. Due to FED regulations, Bitcoin had dropped to $33k and is still trading below $40k. But Bitcoin is not just another coin in the market. The price prediction puts BTC at $100k at the end of the year.

There are many factors making Bitcoin one of the best investments today. There are expectations that more merchants will be accepting Bitcoin payments just like in previous years. The other thing is FOMO. There are many people waiting for the bull run to start, and they put their money back. So by buying Bitcoin today, investors stand to benefit a lot.



Buy Ethereum today when the price is still low and get to enjoy the benefits once the bull run comes. Ethereum is trading below $2700 as of this writing, but investors will be happy a few months down the line. There is a huge development at Ethereum that is going to make it one of the best performers of 2022. This is the Serenity upgrade.

The Ethereum development team has been working on the biggest upgrades since the blockchain launched. The platform upgrade includes migrating from PoW to PoS consensus mechanism as well as introducing Sharding Chains. This is an upgrade the going to eradicate all the Ethereum stigma of low speed, costly gas, and so on. With this upgrade, Ethereum might be the best performer of 2022.



There is a lot going on at Dogecoin that makes it an ideal investment today. A cryptocurrency that is increasingly getting acceptance from some of the biggest companies is worth looking at. That is Dogecoin for you. Many merchants worldwide accept $DOGE for payments, but when the likes of Tesla adopt it, it means a lot.

Dogecoin has been used to buy merchandise at Tesla. This has given more people confidence in the coin, which is why prices are growing fast. The Dogecoin team has also been involved in massive marketing that includes celebrities like Elon Musk. With the current conditions, Dogecoin is destined for greatness.


Binance coin

There is something about Binance coin that makes perfect crypto to invest in today. Despite the crashing price of BNB to trade at $370 at the time of this writing, it still has the potential to push to $614 before the end of the year. Among the factors expected to make Binance coin bullish is the growing demand for the coin.

There are more and more users that are looking for BNB today. The demand is being created by the increasing number of tokens on the Binance exchange. There are also a growing number of developers on BSC. The number of products on the network is also growing. All these factors are creating a demand for Binance coin, and that’s how this coin is going to explode in 2022.

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