Safemoon, Bitgert, Centcex, BabyDoge, Saitama Inu, Floki Inu & Metahero

Safemoon, Bitgert, Centcex, BabyDoge, Saitama Inu, Floki Inu & Metahero – Which Might Do The Fast 100x?

by Analytics Insight

February 3, 2022


There are many crypto projects in the market for investors to select from. In fact, they are so many that starting to go through all of them might take you days to finish. However, there are many projects that are delivering, and these are the cryptocurrencies raking as the best. Here is a list of some of the best cryptocurrencies, and we will see which one might grow 100x this year:



There is no doubt that Safemoon is one of the best-known cryptocurrencies in the market today. The cryptocurrency launched in March 2021 and did very well for the first few months before the price crashed. But the Safemoon team has been working on the project, and this is why the project is rising again.

The launch of the Safemoon V2 is one of the biggest achievements for the team. The Safemoon Project Phoenix is the next ambitious project for the team. Safemoon wants to decentralize key mainstream industries, with wind turbine energy being one of them. This is one of the projects to watch today.



The first thing that Bitgert has done differently from all other crypto projects in the market today is fast development. In just six months that the team has been around, the Bitgert team has accomplished. Multiple Bitgert products have been developed and launched, including the staking process in 120 days.

The team is also developing unique projects, including a CEX and a ZERO gas fee blockchain. This is the first gasless blockchain in the market. In addition to that, the Bitgert team has just announced the coming of the metaverse product. The team has also promised over 10 Bitgert products by the end of the year.



There are several things that crypto investors need to know about the Centcex project. This is one of the few products that have been designed for both the user and the investors. The objective of Centcex is to provide the crypto community with a vast range of quality crypto products. The Centcex team is developing user bases, staking programs, crypto exchanges, and many others.

In the process of developing an unlimited number of Centcex products, investors will be gaining from the huge revenue that is generated by these products. The Centcex project has 100% APY of the generated revenue going to the staked tokens. So more Centcex products for the users means more passive income for the investors. This is what makes this project unique.



With BabyDoge, crypto investors have a unique product that offers incredible features. One of the things that stand out about BabyDoge is the utility that the token has in the market. This is one of the few dog tokens that have been adopted fast, considering that BabyDoge launched in June 2021. You can buy merchandise in Shopify and many other e-stores with this token.

The BabyDoge team is now moving into the gaming and NFT industries. These are some of the fastest-growing industries in the crypto industry. With the huge following that BabyDoge has been building, this is one of the cryptocurrencies to watch.

Saitama Inu

The Saitama Inu crypto project has been catching the attention of the crypto community in the recent past. The Saitama team has been working hard over the last few months to ensure that this meme coin is getting more value. This is by introducing more products to the Saitama Inu network, some of which have already launched.

The SaitaMask is the first product the team launched in January. The smart wallet has been doing well despite the issue bugs, which the team has been fixing. Already, there are many tokens in the SaitaMask. The wallet enables users to buy and sell goods and services. There are more Saitama Inu products coming up soon like SaitaMarket, SaitaMaker.


Floki Inu

The Floki Inu cryptocurrency has a very interesting start. The crypto project was started by the Shiba crypto community and was given the name of Elon Musk’s dog pet. These are the first two reasons why the Floki project picked up very fast and became one of the best performing meme coins in the market.

But the Floki Inu team is going more to ensure that the investors are getting more from their tokens. The team has been working hard to give the Floki token value. This is one of the reasons why more products like Floki University and Valhalla are being talked about in the market.


The popularity of the Metahero project started growing when the team developed one of the most advanced 3D scanning technologies in the market. The Metahero technology is now being widely in the metaverse industry, where developers are using it to generate high-quality 3D avatars and other digital objects.

The increasing application of the Metahero scanning technology makes $HERO one of the fast-growing crypto coins. VR, Fashion, and social media are some areas Metahero technology is being used. Metahero is one of the cryptocurrencies to watch, especially with the fast growth of the metaverse industry.

In conclusion, it is easy to identify that Bitgert is the only project with the potential to grow 100x. The zero gas fee blockchain is the product that will make Bitgert the most unique and the best blockchain for users. Therefore, Bitgert is the project to watch in 2022 going forward.!

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