Narrow AI vs. General AI- What’s Next for the Future of Tech?

Narrow AI vs. General AI- What’s Next for the Future of Tech?

Narrow AI vs General AI

Narrow AI and General AI are going to be the future of tech

What is Narrow AI?

Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI) or Narrow AI, also known as ‘Weak AI’ describes artificial intelligence systems that are specified to handle a singular or limited task.

Narrow AI is programmed to perform a single task like playing a particular game, analyzing data to create a report, checking the weather, etc.

Narrow AI acts similar to a computer system and displays a certain degree of intelligence in a particular field. It performs highly specialized tasks for humans, within that narrow field.

Some of the Narrow AI features that people use in their daily life includes self-driving cars, facial recognition tools, chatbots, spam filters, etc.


The Significant of General AI

Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) or General AI, also known as ‘Strong AI’ describes a certain mindset of AI development that aims to create intelligent machines which are indistinguishable from the human mind.

General AI is capable of performing any intellectual tasks that a human being can do. General AI acts similar to humans and copes with any generalized tasks which are asked of it.

General AI is where the technology sector is headed to. To reach general AI, computer hardware needs to increase in computational power to perform more total calculations per second (cps).

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