(April 9, 2021): The Sierra Leonean artist has been first in many things, he is also the first Sierra Leonean singer to graduate with a degree in pop music. He bags the Humanitarian African Artiste of the year Award for his astonishing song dubbed, “War Against Corona”. He recorded the song just after the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in a bid to raise public awareness about the virus. The song went viral on BBC FRENCH, MEDIA IN AFRICA, HOME WITH ISHA, SESAY, VOA, and so on.

Global Music Awards Africa is geared towards celebrating Africans in the world of Entertainment. Nominations were drawn from twenty (20) countries in Africa and thirty-two (32) categories were set aside to be battled for. Two Sierra Leoneans bagging home two International Awards is something good to write home. The rate at which Mos-B is excelling internationally is unprecedented. This is a win for all Sierra Leoneans around the world and it is worth celebrating.

Delighted to have seen Mos-B’s War against Corona played at the opening ceremony of the Global Music Awards Africa where top TV Channels in Ghana and other parts of Africa broadcasted it, Prezo Koroma, a Sierra Leonean music journalist writes, “Mos-B was among the first global musicians to record a Corona sensitization song. As the Coronavirus continues to hit the world, a France-based Sierra Leonean pop star, Joseph Amos Bangura a.k.a Mos-B released a sensitization and inspirational song about the deadly virus that has already hit over 70 countries across the world in 2020. The song was titled, ‘War against Corona’. This great musician felt it is imperative on him to use his voice to spread out words of caution and hope to the world during this challenging period.”

Mos-B is an inspiring and great singer and songwriter, he resides in France. He was born in Sierra Leone in a village called Madina. He is a creative and highly talented songwriter, performing artist, and entertainer. His career started when he wrote a song for his country, Sierra Leone, in 2001 ‘Sweet Salone’ which he sang for the then, late President of Sierra Leone Ahmed Tijan Kabbah at his residence. He was later flown to Europe to sing the same song for over 20,000 people in five cities in Holland. Traveling on a Helicopter, he sang a duet and toured with Dutch’s most famous Musician, Trijntje Oosterhuis. Mos-B repeated the same tour in other European countries.

Born in Sierra Leone to a musician mother and grew up with a deep thirst for making music, Mo-B learned traditional songs from his mother and listened a lot to the radio. He started making music and writing songs using drums, cups, and other household utensils. He became obsessed with the guitar from the very first time he was exposed to one and the need to learn how to play the guitar became paramount to him. The only person with a guitar was in another village about 18 miles away. Normally that was a manageable distance but he was only 14 years old and there was a civil war ongoing. Reluctantly his parents allowed him to walk to the other village every weekend to learn how to play the guitar. A very focused, highly motivated, and determined person, he rapidly learned to play the guitar but then he also realized that he needed to learn more. He moved to Freetown where he finished his basic education and completed a course at Performing Art College, as a musician. In The Netherlands, he completed a B.A. in music with distinction.

From those initial steps in his native village, the 18miles, and then Freetown, he has not only mastered the tools such as the guitar, but he has also become a maestro of creative and performing art.

With a good number of views on YouTube and a growing fan base on social media, Mos-B continues to captivate his audience with his steadily evolving talent. His songs are also constantly played in over eight radio stations in Sierra Leone.

Professionally, when he sings, he establishes a good connection with his audiences through joyful, music. His type of music is a fusion of the rhythms, philosophies, and lyrics typical of the journey, establishing an intimate platform to share his perspectives and experiences with his audience. Every song from this humble artist ornaments the emotional layers of his resonant voice along with his ability to create striking melodies. His beautiful, rich tone and innate musicality are mind-blowing.

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