How to Reduce Your Chances of Getting into a Car Accident

Each year, thousands of motorists are implicated in vehicle accidents which sometimes tend to be caused by external elements, like animals or other vehicles in the road. However, accidents that are caused by individual animals on the streets (deer, rabbits, dogs, etc.) are gradually rising as people drive and occupy more regions. Whether you come across a moose or a squirrel, knowing exactly how to respond to these types of elements can drastically decrease the likelihood that you will end up in a severe accident.

It does not matter if you have the best car tyres hove, or the latest vehicle, if you do not know how to avoid damaging your car and what to do when you encounter an animal on the road, you will not be able to enjoy those fantastic set of tyres fully.

Review the following tips to find out how to react when you come across an animal while you are driving.


Avoid Animals Along the Road

  • Do not be afraid and try to think clearly. It all depends on what kind of animal you are encountering; most of them are small and incapable of hurting you. Keep in mind that thinking ahead and being ready for any situation will help you deal with any scenario.
  • Swerving may not be the best idea. Unless you are driving on empty roads at slow speeds, veering can be a useful way to avoid hitting the animal. Nevertheless, in most cases, veering to prevent injuring an animal can cause more damage than good, as other cars are coming your way and are unprepared for your sudden move.
  • Slow down. This is probably the most critical advice. As you spot the animal, check the rear-view and front mirrors quickly to make sure no one is behind you or next to you. If there are no approaching cars, you may be able to pull over before reaching the creature. Avoid applying your brakes quickly and hard that your vehicle skids.
  • Stopping completely is an excellent technique, particularly when it comes to deers. They move around in big groups, so it is easier to see them.
  • If the creature is advancing from the left side, steer your car towards the left edge side of the street. This will urge the creature to move faster.
  • Even though no one wants to injure or kill an animal, motorists need to understand that their safety and life are more important. If a crash is inevitable, slow down and get ready for the impact.
  • If you think that you hit someone else’s pet, you might feel obliged to stop and check the animal.
  • Do not forget to be careful when approaching a strange animal, particularly when they are injured. Please contact animal control or a police station for further assistance.
  • After a collision with a big animal, attempt to regain complete control of the vehicle. You can pull over in a safe space. You will have to call the emergency line as your car and you might requires assistance.
  • Make sure your tyres are not damaged. Your tyres are the essential part of your vehicle, so they need to be in excellent condition. If you need to find cheap tyres onlinebe sure they fit your rims and car.
  • After hitting a huge animal, it is recommended to stay inside the car. Switch on the emergency flashers to alert other drivers.

You must get in touch with your auto insurance to assess any damage.

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