Empowering the Healthcare Sector with Artificial Intelligence Strategies

Atomwise: Empowering the Healthcare Sector with Artificial Intelligence Strategies


Atomwise has launched multiple AI platforms for drug discovery in the healthcare sector

Atomwise is one of the top artificial intelligence companies to use AI engines for transforming drug discovery. The drug discoveries tend to help create better quality medicines faster and efficiently. Artificial intelligence strategies have helped the company to gain popularity in the healthcare sector in recent years. A strategy should be implemented in such a way that it helps society as well as the company to boost performance and drive revenue. Let’s explore how Atomwise implement AI strategies for the welfare of society.

Atomwise is leading in technology development and application. The AI company has one of the best artificial intelligence strategies— developing a machine-learning-based discovery engine. This combines the power of convolutional neural networks with massive chemical libraries to discover new small-molecule medicines. The company is dedicated to developing the best AI platform to transform small molecule drug discovery.

AI strategy of leveraging deep learning for structure-based drug discovery is boosting the performance of Atomwise. The cutting-edge technology has been used to unlock more undruggable targets than any other drug discovery platform. Atomwise has declared that the AI-based engine has been validated by more than 600 unique disease targets across 775 collaborations and 250 partners across the world.

Atomwise has been recognized for innovation in powering small molecule drug discovery with artificial intelligence. One of the tops AI strategies is the collaboration between Atomwise and FutuRx to launch A2i Therapeutics to develop novel small molecule immune-oncology agents.

IP estate with 19 issued and 12 pending patent applications are remaining in Atomwise. There are abilities to drug poorly categorized targets— without crystal structure and local ligand training data. There is a scalable discovery engine with a global model used across all different targets with the first application of artificial intelligence and machine learning to molecular recognition. It is used for image recognition to help medicinal chemists for discovering better medicines. The award-winning AtomNet technology to find small molecule hits with the best-in-class engineering architecture and tools. It allows massive scale and unprecedented speed for creating a deep pipeline of drugs to enhance human health.

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