Cardano & Solana Price Plunge While Bitgert to Become $0.0001 In Next 365 Days

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February 26, 2022


Bitgert was among the few crypto coins that have been skyrocketing throughout the bearish market.

The crypto market has been plunging most of 2022, with February experiencing its fair share of price crashes so far. Some of the cryptocurrencies that recorded big price drops during the recent crash include Cardano and Solana. But Bitgert was among the few crypto coins that have been skyrocketing throughout the bearish market. In fact, the crypto community believes Bitgert might reach $0.0001in the next 365 days. Read more about these cryptocurrencies’ performances below:



There is a lot of growth and development of the Bitgert project, which has made it one of the biggest crypto projects today. The Bitgert team has delivered a lot in a period of 7 months. But it is after the surprise launch of the Bitgert zero gas fee blockchain the project has started skyrocketing non-stop. The news about the gasless blockchain has spread like wildfire in the industry, and that’s why Bitgert is skyrocketing non-stop. The fact that it is the first zero gas fee blockchain and solves the costly gas issue, it is likely to experience a massive adoption. That’s why Bitgert might become $0.0001 in the next 365 days.



The growth and development at the Centcex project have been impressive. The team has started working on the roadmap, and already, the first product is in the advanced stages of development. The Centcex exchange is coming out soon. The Centcex has promised to build an unlimited number of products. But it is the 100% APY staking revenue that is attracting crypto investors. Centcex is one of the crypto projects that promise massive passive income in the future due to the huge number of products that will be generating revenue. That’s why crypto investors are buying the Centcex token in large numbers in anticipation of the huge rewards.



The Solana price has plunged to the lowest price of February so far. This is after the market plunged, and most cryptocurrencies posted huge drops. But as it has always been, Solana will definitely make impressive recoveries from dips. But there is more than the Solana team is doing to increase the chain adoption, and one of them is increasing projects on the chain. The ongoing Riptide hackathon is expected to make the Solana coin stronger by bringing more projects to the network. With the launch of more products like Solana Pay, we are likely to see a more stable coin.



Being one of the largest cryptocurrencies by market value, Cardano also felt the effects of the crashing crypto market. The Cardano coin recorded one of the biggest dips with an over 10% drop in price. But the Cardano coin might be one of the best performers during the weekend bull run. The coin is already showing impressive recovery from the dip as this writing. However, the Cardano team will need to make the chain faster and lower the gas to keep the chain competitive. Otherwise, Bitgert is going to overtake the Cardano in terms of adoption as the best chain.

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