7 Reasons You Should Own a Seedbox

Seedbox is a dedicated cloud server used to upload and download files online using the BitTorrent protocol, very quickly! If you have downloaded torrent files, and the download is quick, chances are that these files were seeded by some seedbox. 

Seedboxes provide incredible upload and download speeds, but their advantages are not limited to these. There are some great benefits of using a seedbox and we will highlight them here. So, read on. 

Lack of Online Time

Having a Seedbox will allow you to download the files you want and keep them running. You may return later to them and wait for the download to complete. You no longer need to be online continually to download content. Just begin the download and leave the rest to your seedbox.

No Need to Overuse Your Hardware

Even if you are using a high-end system with heavy-duty hardware components, it’s unwise to run it for long periods just for downloading torrents. Your system might crash and the life of it reduced. With a seedbox, you don’t have to worry about these things. Your torrent uploads and downloads will be managed by your seedbox and the your hardware resource use will be minimal. 

Peer-to-Peer Traffic is Prohibited

In many cases, such as your work, school, or even your home ISP might limit or not allow peer-to-peer file sharing. In such cases, a seedbox can be of great help. The seedbox will help you download and use the file when you return home. With its easy to use web interface, you can easily and remotely manage, download, and integrate files into your computer.

Maintain Ratio in Private Community

Seedbox helps you become a VIP member of the private community. Failing to maintain ratio can exclude you from private tracker groups. The easiest way to maintain this ratio and continue being a member of private trackers is to use a seedbox. A seedbox helps you upload files super-fast and you can upload as many files you want. So, you can maintain your ratio easily. 

Privacy and Anonymity

The Internet is now considered a public place, and your files or downloads may be visible to others. So, downloading torrents might not be that safe. Particularly when you are downloading copyrighted material, chances of getting notices or worse increase if you are downloading publicly. A seedbox use a public IP address and you are virtually untraceable when you use it. You thus maintain anonymity while downloading and uploading torrent files if and when you use Seedboxes. 

Streaming Video Files 

Seedbox can host media files, that’s for sure. But some seedboxes also come with pre-installed Plex or Kodi. These two tools turn your seedbox into a media platform that lets you share your favorite videos in the best libraries and watch them from your seedboxes in a web browser. 

Great Storage Space

Seedbox providers nowadays come with increased storage capacity and provide more space to store your files. In this way, the seed box can save your local storage space. You can download the required files directly in the box and save them for later use. 

These are in short, the reasons to own a seedbox. Additionally, in some locations, seedboxes might be the only viable way to use torrent. So, if you are into torrenting in a more serious manner, you should consider owning a seedbox today.

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