7 Reasons Why You Need a Seedbox

Torrenting is a popular way to download your favorite games, movies, etc., and is utilized by users across the globe. However, the downloads aren’t private and anyone can track you down or see what you are downloading.

So, chances of getting tracked increases and if you are downloading some copyrighted material, you can even face fines or worse. But there’s a way to privately download the torrent files and that is using a seedbox.

Seedboxes are high-bandwidth remote servers with a public IP that allows you to download and upload torrents at phenomenal speed. They also provide security and allows anonymous torrenting. 

But the advantages of Seedboxes are not limited to these. Below, we have mentioned some great benefits of using a seedbox and why you should use one. So, read on.

Save Time

Seedboxes allow you to download your required files and leave them to be completed while you are away. The seedbox will do the rest for you. This is a great advantage as you do not have to be online during the entire download and thus can utilize your time for other tasks.

Incredible Speed

Most Seedboxes are on the 100Mbit lines, which effectively means you’ll get superb speed both while downloading and uploading digital files. Just begin your downloads and sit back and watch how fast things get done. 

Maintain Ratio

More serious torrenters are less concerned about downloads and more about seeding. In private trackers groups, you must maintain a good ratio to continue being a member of that group. And everything depends on how much and how often you seed.

Seedboxes allow maximum speed while uploading or seeding and thus you can seed many files quickly and maintain a healthy ratio. 

Save Your PC for Other Tasks

If you are using your PC for torrent downloads, chances are you are not going to be able to use it for any other purpose. Thus torrenting on your PC for 24 hours clog the computer which could have been utilized for more important tasks. 

When you use a seedbox, it does not use your PC space or resources for making the downloads. Instead, you use the space provided by the seedbox itself for torrenting. Thus, it frees up your computer which you can use for other tasks. 

Bypass Peer-to-Peer Download Restrictions 

If your ISP restricts peer-to-peer downloads, then you won’t be able to torrent. However, a seedbox will still allow you to download files using this network. Seedboxes use remote servers that are placed at locations where torrenting is legal. And when you use a seedbox, you’ll use that public IP of your seedbox provider for downloading torrents, and thus, you can bypass any restrictions put forward by your ISP.

Bypass ISP Monthly Throughput

If your ISP limits the monthly throughput, your download speed will decrease or totally stop after you reach a certain value. With a seedbox, however, you are not using your ISP or your home internet to download torrents. Thus, your seedbox traffic is not counted towards your ISP account statistics. So, a seedbox virtually allows you unlimited downloads and uploads and you can easily bypass any ISP limitations.


A seedbox uses a public IP address and there’s no way your ISP or anyone else views or tracks you down when torrenting. If anyone tries to track you, they will at best track the seedbox provider’s IP address. So, you can download and upload files anonymously and securely without worrying about legal notices.

These are the advantages of owning a seedbox. As mentioned, Seedboxes provide more than just secure downloads and great speed. A seedbox is a one-of-kind tool meant specifically for torrenting and you can use one easily for greater safety and more speedy downloads.   

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