7 Awesome Websites to Help You Train Your Brain

Playing brain training games can enhance your cognitive skills. For elderly people and children, cognitive development and maintenance are even more important. Thanks to some entertaining games and activities available online, brain training can be really fun.

Here, we investigate seven awesome websites to help you train your brain.

screenshot of WebSudoku wesbite

Sudoku is a popular brain game that involves solving a numeric puzzle using logic. In Sudoku, you have to fill a 9×9 grid such that every row, column, and 3×3 box contains each digit from 1-9 without repetition.

Though newspapers have been publishing Sudoku puzzles for a very long time, you can also play them online on Web Sudoku. This website launched back in 2005 and now has thousands of daily players.

Web Sudoku lets you choose from several variations and four different difficulty levels. It also measures your time and completion statistics, so you can race against the clock and measure your performance.

To inform you of mistakes, it checks and warns you whenever you’ve placed a number in the wrong position. If you like to play offline, you can download its app on mobile and desktop.

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Sudoku doesn’t just enhance your logical thinking. According to a Healthline report, it also improves your memory, concentration, and problem-solving skills. So Web Sudoku is a website to bookmark, especially for adults, if you want to sharpen your brain.


Screenshot of SharpBrains website

Research firm SharpBrains has several brain games for people of all ages. On its website, you can find games to improve your cognitive abilities, logical thinking, and pattern recognition.

The site also hosts some visual illusions and fun games to train your brain. And it has a few games to improve your memory and concentration.

SharpBrains has published teasers for improving each cognitive function on its website. For instance, it tests your memory by asking you to identify Apple’s logo from six similar images. So if you want to improve a particular cognitive function, you can find and play those games.

Whether you want to train your brain or have some fun, SharpBrains has brain teasers for every purpose.

Screenshot of MentalUP website

MentalUP is an EdTech platform that aims to develop cognitive skills in children using fun educational games.

It has several addictive, scientific brain games for children. These include fun games, brain exercises, and concentration games. The site also has logic puzzles, language games, and math games for children.

Designed for kids, these games are interactive, colorful, and engaging. MentalUP brain games can enhance memory, focus, problem-solving, imagination, reasoning, and conceptualization skills.

You can play some games for free on its website. But the MentalUP premium subscription gives you access to 120 brain games and over 200 fitness exercises. It costs around $10 per month.

Happyneuron screenshot

HAPPyneuron is a brain training program that enhances your memory, attention, executive functions, language, and visual skills.

On its website, you can view dozens of games categorized by the cognitive function they stimulate. With each game, you can view its description, the cognitive functions it improves, and its benefits to your daily life. These games are quite engaging and interactive.

Once you sign up, HAPPYneuron suggests games based on your level and game duration. HAPPYneuron also builds your cognitive profile, measuring your progress.

The HAPPYneuron subscription cost depends upon the membership duration but is in the range of $5-15 per month. You can test it out for free for seven days and see whether it works for you.

Braingle website screenshot

Braingle has thousands of brain teasers, games, and puzzles on its website to help you train your brain. On its homepage, you can view the four different types of activities:

  • Puzzles: These include riddles, optical illusions, and several other types. With each game or activity, you can view its difficulty level and popularity.
  • Trivia: Braingle has over 5,000 quizzes on different topics that test your memory and increase your knowledge. You can try celebrity, art, photo, and fact-based quizzes.
  • Mentalrobics: These include brain exercises, memory tests, IQ tests, and articles.
  • Games: Braingle has many puzzle, strategy, word, and card games that let you have fun while training your brain.

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Braingle has a community of over 200,000 people who regularly play and add more exercises to the website. You can also sign up to submit brain teasers and interact with other people.

Lumosity Screenshot

Built by Lumos Labs, Lumosity designs scientific games to help you improve your cognitive skills.

Lumosity has several fun games, categorized by the cognitive skills they target. There are exercises for improving memory, attention, and thinking speed. Other skills include problem-solving, flexibility, math, and comprehension.

After signing up, Lumosity asks you to take three tests to analyze your current cognitive skills level. For premium members, it then suggests training programs based on your test results and goals.

Though Lumosity has many games for each cognitive function, free members can play a limited selection.

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A one-month subscription of Lumosity Premium costs around $12 per month, though the monthly cost reduces if you subscribe for a year or two. They also have family plans at a discounted price.

You’ll have to upgrade your plan if you want to get access to all the games and a personalized training program.

BrainGymmer is another website where you can find several brain tests and games. Made with the help of neuroscientists, BrainGymmer has over 300,000 users.

It has many brain tests and games in different categories. The free membership lets you access ten games and six brain tests. But you can play 33 games and take 27 tests with its Pro plan.

With the Pro membership, you also get progress reports. As your cognitive skills improve, the site awards you badges and moves you up a leaderboard. The lifetime access to BrainGymmer Pro costs about $34.

Sharpen Your Mind by Brain Training

Taking part in brain training exercises and games is a really fun way of strengthening your mind. This type of cognitive activity is especially beneficial for aging brains.

These seven websites provide you with a good number of teasers and games to train and sharpen your mind.

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