6 iPhone Apps That Could Save Someone’s Life in an Emergency

Natural disasters, injuries, and crime can happen anywhere at any time. While emergency personnel are always the best contacts in these situations, there are apps that can help in a stressful situation as well.

Having safety apps downloaded on your phone, like first aid instructions and emergency locators, are like having a first aid kit in your car. You never know when you might need them, but you’ll be grateful when you do.

If you want to be more prepared, consider installing these emergency apps on your iPhone. After all, it doesn’t hurt to prepare.

1. First Aid

No matter where you go, there is one app that will serve you in the case of any potential injury. This app is First Aid by the American Red Cross.

This app is an all-in-one educator for first aid. This app is a database of all potential injuries that one could face and what to do in each situation. It also has instructions on how to treat the injury and how to wait until help arrives, if necessary.

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There is also a feature within the app to translate it to Spanish if you’re more comfortable in that language. Or, it can help you give instructions to someone who might not speak English.


Download: First Aid (Free)

2. Pet First Aid

Our pets are loved ones too, and sometimes they can get injured as well. If you travel with a pet or work around a lot of animals, consider having the Pet First Aid app downloaded. Like the app for humans, this app has a database of tons of potential injuries—everything from broken bones to insect bites.

With step-by-step instructions, you can learn exactly what to do in an emergency if your pet is injured. Video and picture guides make it easy for everybody, and this will allow you to be prepared even without proper training.

You can also take an online training course for pet first aid so, even if you don’t have the app with you at all times, you will know what to do in an emergency.

There is also a section for calling a vet or finding an animal hospital nearby, just in case that’s needed. This is a very handy tool as you can call 911 for injured people, but there is nothing like that for pets.

Download: Pet First Aid (Free)

3. Find My

Apple has a great feature built into your iPhone that is helpful in emergencies. That is the Find My app.

While it’s very helpful for finding your device or making it play a sound if you lose it, it also works for helping people locate you if you or they go missing. It can also help authorities locate your stolen phone. If you have an AirTag, this can help you find a stolen purse or backpack if you place one in there.

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This app comes preinstalled on all newer Apple devices. It does require having Location Settings enabled, which some people don’t like, but it is handy if you do enable them. After all, we take our phones everywhere, so Find My means we can always rest assured knowing that someone can see where we are.

Download: Find My (Free)

4. Zello Walkie Talkie

Zello Walkie Talkie is an incredibly helpful app for businesses, as you can communicate with other people on the same line as you. However, it’s also great for safety concerns. Having a walkie-talkie app can give you access to weather channels, emergency personnel, and other hikers when you’re outside.

While Zello Walkie Talkie does need the internet to work, it’s still helpful as you can get access to walkie-talkie channels using it. Most emergency personnel use these channels in emergencies making this a great way to contact them.

Download: Zello Walkie Talkie (Free)

5. Life360

The Life360 app is essential for helping make sure your loved ones are safe. By helping you track the location of those in your family, you can see where everyone is and whether everyone is safe. If an emergency happens, you’ll know everyone’s last-known location, which can help emergency personnel find them.

There are also features that help encourage your kids to drive safely. With the family locator, you can also get data on how fast someone drives and see if they’re driving recklessly. This accountability can help those you care about stay safe on the road.

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In an emergency, the Life360 app can help you report a car crash to your entire immediate family instantly, without having to send a text message to each of them. This is especially helpful in debilitating car crashes, as you might not be able to type out a message or find a phone number.

Download: Life360 (Subscription required)


Natural disasters happen, and when they do it’s best to be prepared. No matter what disasters are common in your area, having the FEMA app downloaded can help you stay prepared.

The FEMA app provides you with all the alerts for your area. If there are no active alerts, you can opt in to receive a notification when a natural disaster is likely. Alongside these alerts, you can get detailed information on how to prepare for any disaster.

The FEMA app also teaches you how to mitigate your risk for every type of disaster and provides resources in both English and Spanish. If you are in danger or if your home gets destroyed or damaged, the FEMA app can also locate a shelter close to you.

Download: FEMA (Free)

You Can’t Go Wrong With Being Prepared

While it may seem like apps won’t do much in an earthquake, having resources to assist you in times of trouble can make a difference. After all, natural disasters, injuries, and car accidents can be stressful. Even if the situation is only a little bit easier with an app, that can feel like a major difference.

In a world that feels increasingly dangerous, there are great apps that can make you feel safer.

When Disaster Strikes: Android Apps You Want in Case of an Emergency

You never know when you could be hit by a flood, wildfire, tornado, or other natural disaster. Be prepared with these Android apps!

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