10 Robotics Stocks to Buy and Start 2022 for Good Returns

by Sayantani Sanyal

January 2, 2022


Buy these robotics stocks to start your 2022 with good profits

Businesses across the globe are trying to automate enterprise processes to boost efficiency and maximize customer satisfaction. Robotics and automation have simplified operations in manufacturing, healthcare, IT, and other business processes. Many companies are already collaborating with human workers and robotics equally to mimic laborious human tasks, accelerating operations and transforming business processes. This phenomenon has dramatically accelerated the demand for robotics and automation technologies. Several tech companies are now innovating more advanced robotics technologies, which is boosting the advancement of this sector, along with their own, as a result, robotics stocks have performed extremely well in 2021. In this article, we have listed 10 robotics stocks that tech enthusiasts can buy to gain good returns in 2022.


Market cap: US$26.687 billion

Teradyne is a global supplier of automation equipment for testing and industrial applications. The company’s industrial automation sector includes operations related to the design, manufacturing, marketing of robotic arms, autonomous mobile robots, and other technologies.


Market cap: US$23.331 billion

UiPath is a rising robotics and automation company. It offers an end-to-end platform for automation. By combining its RPA solutions with a suite of other functionalities, the company is enabling its customers to scale their digital business operations safely and efficiently.


Market cap: US$76.013 billion

ABB is a global technology company that produces technological solutions across major industries like electrification, process automation, motion, robotics, and discrete automation. The company’s products include switches, motors, breakers, generators, software and so much more.


Market cap: US$1.829 billion

iRobot is a global consumer robot company that builds and designs robots for both professional and personal use. The company’s products span from floor mappers, vacuum cleaners, and several other autonomous cleaning devices.


Market cap: US$129.284 billion

Intuitive Surgical is a global technology company that offers robotic-assisted, minimally invasive surgery equipment and solutions. Its surgical systems allow surgeons to view a 3D, high-definition image of the surgical space through an ergonomic console.


Market cap: US$3.454 billion

iRhythm is a medical device company, primarily known for its Zio Patch cardiac monitoring system. Zio is an advanced heart-monitoring system that advances on existing technologies by collecting far more data and making remote monitoring easier. Its services are cost-effective and facilitate early diagnosis and treatment decisions.


Market cap: US$40.238 billion

Rockwell Automation is a provider of industrial automation and digital transformation solutions. Its automation platform products include programmable automation controllers, human-machine interface products, sensing devices, and many more.


Market cap: US$44.132 billion

It is a global technology company focused on the automotive sector. It designs and manufactures vehicle components, and is a provider of electrical and electronic active safety technology solutions. Its products include connector wires, safety restraints systems, pin headers, and more.


Market cap: US$40.82 billion

Fanuc is a Japanese group of companies that provide automation products and services such as robotics and computer numerical control wireless systems. It is the largest producer of industrial robots and has subsidiaries and joint ventures with major companies all over the world.


  • Zebra Technologies Corporation

Market cap: US$31.933 billion

Zebra Technologies is an old player in the automation space. The company develops mobile computing devices to help employees of a company work more effectively and efficiently. Zebra’s robotic-enhanced computers help workers organize and automate their workflow.

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