Yelp lets you tattle on places that don’t enforce masks and social distancing

Yelp is adding a new option that lets customers provide feedback on whether a business is enforcing COVID-19 safety guidelines, the company announced today. Initially, users will be able to report whether staff at a business are wearing masks, and whether they’re enforcing proper social distancing guidelines. The aim is to “instill confidence in consumers to continue supporting local businesses,” Yelp says.

You’ll be able to provide feedback on a business’ safety measures via its page on Yelp, either through survey questions or by tapping the “Edit” icon in the top-right of a page’s COVID-19 updates section. The listing will display either a green check mark or an orange question mark next to the listed safety measures, depending on what a majority of users report. The icons shown will be based on an overall consensus from visitors, and only count responses over the last 28 days.

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