Who will Win the On-Road Race?

AI drivers

There is tension between AI drivers and human truck drivers! Will automation really outperform man?

The advancements in artificial intelligence, IoT, computer vision, and other advanced technologies are driving automation in multiple industries across the world. But there has been a concern regarding the replacement of human employees for AI smart functionalities. Thus, it has also affected the automobile industry, especially the community of human truck drivers. There have been some improvements from multiple self-driving truck companies that are launching autonomous trucks. Let’s explore who will win the on-road race— AI drivers or human truck drivers in 2022 and beyond.


AI Drivers v/s Human Truck Drivers

Autonomous trucks need to perform high-level maneuvers due to the load, weight, size, air brakes, and many other features. It is expected that AI drivers of trucks will get entry to the mainstream before autonomous cars on roads. But AI drivers must learn how to operate trucks much better than human truck drivers to drive on highways as well as roads in rural areas.

Here human truck drivers will win the on-road race because trucks will require professional human truck drivers to travel from the urban areas to rural areas and vice-versa. Thus, the community of human truck drivers can reduce the stress of their jobs getting replaced by AI drivers.

Self-driving truck companies are naming the route of artificial intelligence drivers of trucks as the hub-to-hub model that will range from large parking lots of trucks to warehouses, next to highways. This will help human truck drivers to spend some more time with friends and families, get more sleep and rest, as well as get decreased workload per day. AI drivers from self-driving companies can provide a better standard of living to human truck drivers without replacing the jobs in the upcoming years.

Meanwhile, AI drivers can reduce the rate of accidents of human truck drivers that are caused by a lack of sleep. The implementation of artificial intelligence by self-driving truck companies can make real-time differences in on-road safety efficiently and protect the lives of human truck drivers. There will be predictive safety systems to avoid potential collisions as well as fatalities and injuries during the nighttime.

Thus, in order to eliminate the concern regarding who will win the on-road race, AI drivers or human truck drivers, policymakers, economists, the automobile industry, and real-estate industry must sit together to adopt AI drivers as well as keep human truck drivers in their jobs without experiencing greatly diminished economic prospects of a country.

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