Who Unfollowed Me on Instagram? How to Find Out

Every Instagram influencer wants more likes and more followers. But it’s just as important to retain your current followers. Which may have left you wondering, “Who unfollowed me on Instagram?”. So how can you see who unfollowed you on the platform?

Instagram doesn’t offer any official way to check your unfollows. So while you can see the Followers count on your profile go down, you won’t know who unfollowed you on Instagram.

However, there are quite a few third-party apps to see who unfollows you on Instagram. These serve as Instagram trackers for followers and unfollowers, giving you a quick look at who thinks your posts aren’t worth seeing anymore.

The Problem With Third-Party Instagram Apps

While these apps are the easiest way to know who unfollowed you on Instagram, they come with their own set of issues. Instagram’s API severely restricts what unofficial developers can do.

For example, with all of these apps, you will only see data from the time you first download the app. From the time you set it up, it tracks all changes to your accounts. But if you lost followers before installing the app, you won’t see any of those. So before being able to see who unfollowed you on Instagram, you’ll have to buy some patience.

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These apps are also not authorized by Instagram, which means your account security could be at risk. You leave yourself open to data breaches, the app getting sold to someone with ill intentions, and other such risks.


Additionally, these apps might stop working at any moment as Instagram has a history of changing its API or rules without any warning. In the past, several good third-party apps shut down because of Instagram’s changing rules, including Unfollowgram, which was one of the best Instagram unfollowers apps.

As long as you know these potential flaws and risks, you can continue to use these apps to find out who unfollowed you on Instagram.

FollowMeter (Android, iOS): The Easiest and Best App

We tried out a variety of apps to find out who unfollowed us, and FollowMeter is our favorite. The setup process is easy, the interface is simple, and the Unfollower feature is completely free, without any loopholes. Better still, FollowMeter is available on Android and iOS. Again, it will work only from the point of setup onwards, so you can’t find out old unfollowers.

To see who unfollowed you on Instagram, log in using your account to access the dashboard. The dashboard shows unfollowers, new followers, accounts you follow that don’t follow you back, and accounts that follow you but that you don’t follow them back. Tap the Unfollowers tab to get a full list of people who unfollowed you on Instagram.

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The Unfollower list shows individual accounts, along with whether you follow them or not. Tapping an account will open it on Instagram, where you can unfollow them.

FollowMeter has premium features to find ghost followers (i.e. inactive users and lurkers), top admirers, and more. These require a subscription, but the free version doesn’t limit the Unfollower feature in any way whatsoever.

Download: FollowMeter for Android | iOS (Free, subscription available)

Other Apps to Find Out “Who Unfollowed Me?”

Apart from Followmeter, we tested a few other free Instagram unfollower apps. Here’s a quick list of those that worked well. While you can try any of them, we’d recommend sticking to FollowMeter as it’s more likely to keep up with any changes in Instagram API and rules.

  • Followers & Unfollowers for Android (Free)
  • Followers Tracker Pro for iOS (Free)
  • Followers Track for Instagram for iOS (Free)

How to Unfollow Your Unfollowers

“Following back” is important to certain social media users. So now that you know which people have unfollowed you on Instagram, you might want to return the favor. Every time you get a notification, you can unfollow that account too.

But what about those who did this already, before you installed the app? You can also use FollowMeter to find out who doesn’t follow you back and unfollow them.

To do this:

  1. Sign in to FollowMeter with your Instagram account.
  2. In the Homepage, tap Unfollowers.
  3. Go through the selection and tap on any account you wish to unfollow.

The changes are reflected in your Instagram account immediately.

How to Stop Losing Followers on Instagram

“Following back” is just one of the reasons that someone might have unfollowed you on Instagram. If that doesn’t seem to be the cause and you are wondering why you are losing followers on Instagram, here are a few other possible reasons.

1. You Have Bought Followers

Don't buy followers on Instagram, it will affect your account's credibility

Did you purchase the services of someone who promised to get you thousands or millions of followers for a few dollars? Instagram frowns upon such manipulation, which usually involves a bunch of bots and fake accounts.

Instagram regularly purges such accounts and so that might be a reason your follower count has dropped. Don’t rely on these services, they are a waste of money and affect credibility.

2. You Have Been Shadow Banned

Instagram dark mode phone

Trying to game the Instagram ecosystem can result in your account getting a “shadow ban”. This means that while the app functions normally for you, Instagram deliberately hides your posts or puts them in the lowest priority. A shadow ban could render your account and hard work useless.

Instagram will shadow ban those accounts trying to manipulate the system by buying followers or using third-party cheats. You’ll find apps and services that automatically like and comment on your posts, or drive up other engagement in fake ways. Avoid these at all costs.

You can check whether you’ve been shadow banned by asking your friend to unfollow you and then search for one of the hashtags you’ve added under your post. If your post is found in the hashtag, that means your account is safe.

3. You Are Posting Too Often or Too Infrequently

instagram deleted posts

If you post too often, followers will get tired of your pictures spamming their timeline. This is especially true for sponsored posts and brand engagements. On the other hand, if you post too infrequently, followers will think you aren’t worth subscribing to.

It’s a difficult balance to maintain, but there isn’t a golden rule or a recommended number to adhere to. It’s something you will have to figure out with your own followers.

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The new mantra among social media experts is consistency beats frequency: i.e. figure out a post schedule that you can maintain consistently.

4. You’re Making Basic Instagram Mistakes

Someone using Instagram on mobile

These three are the major reasons for losing followers, but there are several other factors that can cause people to unfollow you. For example:

  • Posting about topics that are irrelevant to your brand.
  • Posting about controversial topics that divide people’s opinions.
  • Not engaging with commenters on posts.
  • Posting without the right hashtags or with poor captions.
  • Posting sub-par photos and not editing them well.

Apart from these, our in-house social media expert has highlighted several other things to avoid doing on Instagram.

Don’t Obsess Over Instagram Followers

It’s easy to get locked into a social network’s statistics. Especially as there are some excellent analytics tools to see how you’re doing on Instagram. But don’t obsess over these things. It really doesn’t matter if someone unfollows you on Instagram.

In fact, losing a follower does not mean you’re doing a terrible job. Instead, enjoy Instagram as a way to escape reality for a few seconds; nothing more, nothing less.

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