What Are Chatbots? And How it Can Be Used in the Gamstop Industry?

by Analytics Insight

January 31, 2022


In addition to AI, Machine Learning, and the Internet of Things, chatbots are one of the key tech trends of this year and the upcoming years.

Our world is becoming more and more digital every day. Artificial intelligence and machine learning continue to grow strongly. Talking or chatting with a virtual robot is becoming more common, and we are even getting used to it. It is no longer necessary to look up the information yourself or review the FAQ section; even if you want to get a precious piece of info outside the working hours of the customer care team the automated Chatbot will help you! Also, you can simply ask the virtual assistant. Chatbots can be integrated into countless sectors and industries including banking, entertainment, medical institutions, telecommunications, etc. In addition, you may not know that your phone, be it Android or iPhone, has a chatbot that you can communicate with by voice or text. In addition to Blockchain, Machine Learning, and the Internet of Things, chatbots are one of the key tech trends of this year and the upcoming years.


What Are the Chatbots?

A chatbot can be used for small conversations, it has the ability to improve user experience and speed up any business process. The bot learns the steps, extracts the relevant numbers from Excel or another application, and imports them into the appropriate fields. A chatbot is an example of intelligent technology and can be used both inside and outside a company. For example, a digital voice assistant might be asked to answer a question or look up when a delivery is due. It does this by interrogating the data in the back-end system.

Chatbots provide valuable interaction between the user and the application. The technology is trying to understand how people communicate with each other and how the computer can replicate this behaviour. This is also known as NLP.


Chatbots in Gaming Platforms

In fact, chatbots have been in use for a very long time, perhaps the first appearance of this technology was in the 1960s by Professor Joseph Weizenbaum and it was called ELIZ. In 2009, a Chinese company called WeChat created an even more advanced Chatbot! This technology can also be applied to voice conversations, surely you have previously called any short number for a company or government institution and found a human voice that guides you to the appropriate choice and provides you with assistance. However, incorporating this technology into gaming platforms took some time. Considering that the gaming industry has been around since 1996, chatbots started being added two decades after the industry was born. However, it is better late than never! Currently, there are an increasing number of gaming platforms that are incorporating chatbots into their websites and applications alike.

Thanks to this technology, you can get instant help and take the appropriate response without leaving the game or application. In addition, automatic responses are much faster than reviewing FAQ pages as well as a quick solution when contacting support outside of official business hours.


Why Chatbots?

Chatbots are currently mainly used by consumers. Do you ever ask out loud on your phone what the weather will be like tomorrow, whether youtube can play a song and whether you can call someone? The chatbots ensure that these actions are well understood and performed.

The chatbot helps the consumer quickly and effectively. For example, if you are shopping online, a chatbot will appear that recognized the shopper by name and offered to help. If a consumer says he or she is not sure what size he or she needs.

The chatbot feature brings a common benefit to platforms and players alike. For gaming companies and online gamstop casinos, providing quick responses to customers gives them more reliability and integrity, this technology is low cost and operates at a very high speed. Also, it is ideal for meeting the high standards of the gaming community. For players, they will get high-quality support, which is available around the clock.

This way players can focus on their games and face fewer human failures and errors, and casinos can focus on product quality rather than customer service provided to users. Furthermore, chatbots offer freedom of customization and speed up resolution time, bridge the gap between human and automated support, and reduce casino customer service costs. This technology contains another Machine Learning technology that allows it to automatically evolve over time and meet all user requirements. In other words, even the negative aspects that exist now will not persist in the future.


What are the benefits of chatbots?

Chatbots offer many potentials not only for the consumer but also in the workplace. Technology that speeds up everyday tasks with simple voice commands will have a huge effect. This can be applied to any department of a company. For example, do you work in a purchasing department and need to order a new product? Within seconds the chatbot will find a number of good product options, with the best price-quality guarantees.


Facilitate seamless direct communication

Whether within the work environment or among customers, no one likes to wait, especially if he is facing a problem that prevents him from enjoying the service or performing his job. As the chatbot provides instant replies it will be better for the users and also it will increase brand reliability. Moreover, this technique does not require any learning curve or prior training. Chatbot technology works seamlessly on all applications and websites, and can also be integrated with chatbots such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.


Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

You don’t need to hire evening and morning support teams, chatbots don’t need any kind! Whenever a customer needs assistance it will be immediately available even outside normal business hours. Certainly, this facilitates customer service and increases their satisfaction.


Retaining customers for a longer period

Even if a casino not on gamstop customer encounters a problem but it gets resolved quickly, they will be satisfied with their experience and would love to try it again. Anyone who works in e-commerce will know the agony of losing potential customers halfway.


Which Companies Use Chatbots?

More and more companies are using chatbots. Take Rabobank as an example. Thanks to Chatbot ‘Billy’ it is now possible to give customers an answer to their questions faster. This chatbot checks daily whether money has arrived in an account for, for example, checks whether the description states where the money should go and carries out the transfer if necessary.

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