Top Five Educational Robots in Hybrid Classrooms

by Analytics Insight

January 1, 2022

Educational robots

This article features the top five educational robots in hybrid classrooms for 2022 and beyond

With the introduction of pandemics in the world, the education system has undergone a lot of changes. An amalgamation of digital and offline classes has given birth to hybrid classrooms. Here are the top educational robots that are being used in such hybrid classrooms.



The Edison robot is programmable, easy to use, LEGO compatible, and educational. A ready-to-use, attractive, and fun educational robot that will help children develop their computer, programming, and creative skills. Thanks to its sensors, this educational robot will react to sound and light, and to control it, nothing could be easier than a TV or DVD remote control.



mBot is a robot kit that helps your students learn about different aspects of robotics, such as electronics, assembly, and programming. This educational robot is very convenient for children to manage. A modular approach lets your students put together robots by themselves in as little as 10 minutes.



Developed at Harvard University, Root is a robot with the aim of helping children learn how to code. Designed for kids at different school levels, it includes over 50 sensors and actuator motors. Using magnets, it can operate on a vertical surface such as a whiteboard to follow patterns as they are drawn. Your students can program Root to follow lines, avoid certain colors, and solve mazes or races along a track.



The Thymio educational robot has made an important place for itself in educational robotics for children in schools and homes. This fabulous interactive and programmable robot will allow children to learn in a fun, fun, and progressive way about the world of programming and robotics.



Cubelets offers a very modern approach to the concept of robotics. These robots are created through the assembly of different blocks or modules, each one being a separate robot. Different combinations can be used to create different types of robots.

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