Top Data Privacy Trends to Watch Out for in 2022

by Analytics Insight

February 27, 2022

Data privacy trends

Data privacy trends of 2022 are smarter than the modern approaches of cybercriminals

Data privacy is becoming the most important right of any consumer, company, or entity in this internet-based world. Everyone wants to leverage the utmost data security with different tools for data protection against the harmful hands of cybercriminals like data breaches. This article shows the top data privacy trends for every company to know in 2022 to combat cyberattacks efficiently and effectively.


Top data privacy trends in 2022

More Data Security Jobs: The advent of the COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically increased the use of smart devices for boosting productivity with several confidential data privacy challenges from cyber-criminals. Thus, one of the major top data privacy trends is that it drives more data security jobs for humans by removing the controversy that Data Science and other disruptive technologies can take over human employment.

Data Privacy Automation: The Governments are taking initiatives to announce privacy laws with different legislation and compliance procedures. The incorporation of Artificial Intelligence has created software for data privacy automation. There is a high demand for data privacy automation software solutions and are spreading across the global market in a short span of time.

Data Protection Regulations:  Some countries like the US, Brazil, Japan, and many others have started enacting and adopting data protection regulations that will cover the personal information and essential data of the world’s population by 2025. There is a demand for increasing the data protection regulations for confronting data privacy violations.

Data Privacy Transparency: There are innumerable numbers of data breach cases across the world in reputed companies.  Thus, consumers are concerned about their confidential data and demand utmost protection through data privacy transparency. If any company fails to protect data, it will lose consumer trust and engagement in the future.

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