Top 5 AI Myths that You Should Stop Believing in 2022

AI myths

AI myths

There are very few subjects in the tech industry that have gained as much importance and fame as artificial intelligence did in the past few years. The brightest minds in the industry have been working relentlessly to innovate advanced artificial intelligence products and applications that can automate complex tasks that humans cannot perform. But even after these advancements, there are several myths about AI that tech enthusiasts need to stop believing in 2022.

  • AI is smarter than people: It might certainly be a fact that artificial intelligence can perform tasks that humans cannot, and with fewer errors, but there would be any AI without humans. Scientists and researchers design the AI algorithms and information that makeup AI. Humans build and train AI tools without which the entire domain of artificial intelligence would be incomplete.
  • Low-skilled and manual labourers would be replaced by AI: Several techs and manufacturing industry workers believe that low-skilled and manual labourers might be replaced by artificial intelligence and automation in the future. Even though it is true that several manual tasks are being replaced to promote efficiency and competence in the enterprises, it is quite unlikely that they will get replaced by AI technology.
  • AI will lead to the enslavement of humans by superior robotic beings: This might seem straight out of a science fiction movie but it certainly might not be true. At the most, AI beings will uplift our living standards and help us maintain a sustainable future.
  • AI will make medical decisions and diagnosis: Even though radiologists are making several important tasks in the healthcare industry, it is quite certain that AI tools will not make the last call. 
  • Not all companies need an AI strategy: Reports predict that in the future, there will be no organization left without an AI strategy. It is said that AI is the next big thing that every company must adopt to grow their top line immediately. 

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