Top 10 Technology Companies and Their AI Roadmaps for 2022

by Sayantani Sanyal

January 20, 2022


Experts confirm that AI will continue to make great strides in the AI industry in 2022 and beyond. 

The pandemic has taught us several lessons and has opened our minds to new possibilities to conduct business operations, including the potential advantages of using AI in daily enterprise activities. Artificial intelligence and machine learning have supplemented the work of several healthcare professionals, medical researchers, artists, engineers, and even government administrations in monitoring and predicting trends to advance in this competitive market. Top tech companies have deployed AI to manage certain activities that cannot be carried out by human employees. Currently, AI-enabled technologies and solutions are available everywhere. Technology companies are building artificial intelligence tools and software that can improve their processes, reduce or eradicate mistakes, and analyse big data. Researchers and scientists are relentlessly working on various AI innovations as businesses are opting for complete automation in the future. In this article, we have listed the AI strategies that top tech companies will follow in 2022.


  • Alibaba: Alibaba is one of the world’s largest e-commerce marketplaces that possesses several research labs to focus on innovations in artificial intelligence and machine learning. Alibaba’s DAMO Academy report reveals that AI-based approaches will enable new paradigm algorithms. Its integration in the energy of renewable resources and then into the existing power networks will solve several industrial challenges. Also, the company expects that there will be increased usage of silicon photonics in the coming years.
  • Google: Google is one of the first tech companies to embrace AI since the world understood the importance of the technology. The company is one of the pioneers of several advanced AI devices, tools, and applications. Recently, Google Health’s new study has revealed that with the help of AI, the company has made significant breakthroughs in the rapid identification of genetic diseases and promoting genomic tests’ equity across ancestries. Google has always been a step ahead in integrating AI in everything and will continue to do the same in 2022.
  • Capgemini: Capgemini has already set its AI strategies straight by promoting an AI-first approach. The company believes that drivers for digital twins will expand, starting from the basic modelling of devices to being able to handle specific attributes and properties that will more accurately replicate the physical devices. Also, 2022 will also witness collaborations between myriad stakeholders to make greater contributions towards optimised workflows.
  • Apple: Apple is a multinational technology company that is a keen adopter of AI, cloud, and other advanced disruptive technologies. According to reports, the year 2021 was one of the best years for Apple in India. The company’s researchers and scientists collaborate with software developers and scientists to integrate AI into the core of all its electronic devices. In this way, the company aims to create the best storage facility in the world, while also improving user experiences and their personal data.
  • Amazon: Amazon boasts mature Artificial Intelligence innovations across several platforms like e-commerce, logistics, warehousing, and so much more. Currently, the company is widely using AI to encourage personalised product recommendations with the help of advanced algorithms that are all set to find out the latest trends and patterns of product choices among app users. And is also promoting a hands-free shopping experience through an Alexa-enabled voice shopping assistant that is also trained to predict customers’ choices. 
  • Microsoft: The Microsoft team is actively exploring the AI possibilities in 2022. The company is aiming towards its AI roadmap for 2022 with a focused approach towards the Microsoft Viva that is getting exponentially positive responses from workplaces and internal communications teams. Microsoft Teams will also witness advancements in the Microsoft Teams software. 
  • Tesla: Tesla has partnered with several big tech companies to accelerate the training procedures of AI models to enable them to recognize key specifics from the video feeds of Tesla cameras in vehicles. Also, experts believe that Tesla’s initiatives towards robotics will create new waves in the tech industry in 2022.
  • IBM: Global technology IBM explores several possibilities of integrating Artificial Intelligence in businesses and also into other domains. The company predicts that more and more CIOs and leaders will adopt AI solutions to accelerate the technology’s impact on sustainability in 2022 and beyond. IBM Watson’s recent collaboration with the AD Council reveals that Artificial Intelligence can help mitigate biases within the advertising industry and penetrate into the broader culture.
  • Meta (Facebook): Facebook has made several breakthroughs with the help of Artificial Intelligence. The company centralises its Ai tools and platforms to make an immediate impact. Its algorithms can detect harmful content and protect the platform users. Facebook has also created partnerships to work collaboratively in developing faster MRI scans and assisting disaster relief efforts. 
  • Nvidia: Nvidia has a long-standing history of creating innovative and in-demand technologies that have motivated the core team to innovate the best products using AI. The company’s Artificial Intelligence enterprise has recently launched its software suite. The latest updates in the software will enable new updates including production support for containerized AI with the Nvidia software. Enterprises can now run accelerated AI workloads on vSphere that can run on Kubernetes containers and virtual machines, with the support of Nvidia AI Enterprise.  

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