Top 10 Cryptocurrencies Set to Become More Competitive in 2022

by Disha Sinha

January 22, 2022


Crypto investors must look for competitive cryptocurrencies for higher profit

Cryptocurrencies are dominating the financial sector through the volatile cryptocurrency market in the last few years. Competitive cryptocurrencies are in high demand for yielding revenue in crypto wallets in a long run efficiently. Crypto investors with competitive cryptocurrencies have started speculations due to the sudden rise and drop in cryptocurrency prices. This affects the competitive crypto assets in their digital wallets at a different whole level. Let’s explore some of the top ten cryptocurrencies set to become more competitive in 2022.


Competitive Cryptocurrencies for Crypto Investors in 2022


Bitcoin is one of the top competitive cryptocurrencies for crypto investors in 2022. It is one of the oldest cryptocurrencies with a total market cap of US$900 billion approximately. Institutes and industries have started transaction payments in Bitcoin whereas some athletes are receiving salaries in Bitcoin. It is speculated that Bitcoin can show new ways to unlock competitive crypto assets efficiently. The rising inflation rates can make Bitcoin a competitive cryptocurrency in 2022. 



Ethereum has launched Ethereum 2.0 to be more competitive in the cryptocurrency market. It can primarily be a blockchain for other blockchains with a multi-chain future for crypto investors. It is being speculated that Ethereum can surpass US$4,000 resistance in 2022 with Ethereum 2.0 to solve the remaining issues of the blockchain network.  



Crypto investors with competitive crypto currencies such as Solana can gain a competitive advantage with the speed. The speed is much faster than Ethereum. It has the capability to process over 50,000 transactions per second efficiently. It is known as the competitor of Ethereum and has skyrocketed performance in 2021 with Proof-of-History, Proof-of-Stake, and much lower fees. 



Cardano has started providing competitive crypto assets to crypto investors. It is one of the best-performing cryptocurrencies in 2021 as well as a direct competitor to Ethereum. It is an open-source Proof-of-Stake blockchain that provides smart contract functionalities. It has a layered architecture including the Cardano Settlement Layer (CSL) and the Cardano Computational Layer (CCL). It can offer more than 250 transactions per second as well as cheap gas fees.



Polkadot is one of the competitive crypto currencies with a name as the platform of platforms. It is determined to offer a more efficient cryptocurrency ecosystem with more than US$12.5 billion. It streamlines the crypto-mining processes to enable the creation of DApps as well as smart contracts efficiently.



Centcex is emerging as the competitive crypto asset in this volatile cryptocurrency market. It is an advanced payment and crypto trading platform to create a cryptocurrency financial center. Owing to its competitive crypto assets-based products like DEX, CRC-10, CRC-20, and many more. Crypto investors are leaning towards Centcex for its convenient and budget-friendly services across the globe. 



Though some features of Dogecoin are similar to Bitcoin, there are multiple competitive edges of this cryptocurrency. It has an ever-expanding community of holders as well as supporters for its absolute value. Crypto investors with competitive crypto currencies like Dogecoin can use it for easy transactions and tradings on decentralized exchanges. Crypto investors follow the cryptic tweets from Elon Musk to trade it for a short- and long-term investment.


Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu can be one of the top cryptocurrencies set to become more competitive in 2022. Crypto investors are attracted to Shiba Inu owing to its rise in prominence within a short period of time in the cryptocurrency market. It is popular for being cost-effective as well as the decentralized exchange is known as ShibaSwap. 



Avalanche is known as the rising competitor of Ethereum with a faster and cheaper processing transaction per second. Avalanche offers to process more than 4,500 transactions per second while keeping the platform agile. It has impressed the community of crypto investors with competitive cryptocurrencies through its performance since its launch in 2020. In just two years, it is just outside the top ten cryptocurrencies in the cryptocurrency market.


Binance Coin

Binance Coin is one of the hottest competitive cryptocurrencies in the top ten list of cryptocurrencies in the cryptocurrency market. It is known as the suitable utility coin to trade and pay fees on the popular Binance Exchange platform. This competitive crypto asset can be used for credit crypto card bills, traveling payments, online purchases, and many more to receive discounts. It helps crypto investors to speculate prices beforehand through its deflationary method. 

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