Top 10 Augmented Intelligence Companies to Look Out For in 2022

by Sayantani Sanyal
January 26, 2022

Augmented intelligence companies

Augmented intelligence has become the core technology driving digital transformation in several enterprises.

Augmented reality and virtual reality are some of the most widely used technologies in the modern tech landscape. The rise in adoption of augmented intelligence by enterprises to gain the best outcomes, and government organisations investing heavily in the IoT infrastructure development are some of the key components driving the growth of the AR market. Several enterprises are also deploying augmented intelligence systems to overcome complex challenges that they face while taking crucial decisions involving stringent security and regulatory requirements, handling employees and staff, and fast-changing consumer expectations. Furthermore, the rise in augmented intelligence has created an influx of jobs, since more and more companies are innovating top-notch AR applications and devices that are automating several crucial business procedures. In this article, we have listed the top augmented intelligence companies that should be watched out for in 2022.


The company is helping other businesses and enterprises to gain a competitive edge with AR and VR technology and software development. 4Experience also offers full-stack solutions and software services of the highest quality. The team believes that various experiences of all team members may improve the process of AR and VR content development. The core competency of this company is to provide AR mobile app development.


NEXT/Now is one of the best-augmented intelligence companies that firmly believes in combining creativity and digital content to deliver exceptional interaction with the companies. It is also one of the top augmented development companies, facilitating next-generation physical and digital experiences for world-class brands.


Interexy is an AR app development company that specializes in augmented reality and virtual reality app development that is integrated with IoT, retail, on-demand, healthcare, education, and fitness domains. The company specializes in combining business ideas, market challenges, and their solutions to form next-gen products and services to transform their clients into stronger competitors.

VR Vision

The company focuses on blending digital and physical worlds with seamless augmented reality solutions. The company’s AR development solutions will provide the users with the opportunity to bring into life a world with endless possibilities. The company develops simulations for real-world scenarios that can be used to enhance business efficiencies and improve employee performance.


It is a reputed augmented and virtual reality studio that provides various types of services and solutions across industry-wide platforms. It is also a mixed reality studio that is passionate about creative technologies, dedicated to bringing creative virtual and mixed reality solutions for complex business problems.


The company develops custom augmented reality mobile solutions. The experts ensure efficient design process, higher conversion rate, and remarkable product experience. Agilie software enriches user experience, allowing customers to clearly see visual pictures of what to expect. The company creates applications that increase brand awareness, speed up the purchasing process, and encourage people to buy

Groove Jones

Groove Jones is a creative technology company that produces next-gen experiences for world-class brands. The company is well-known for its award-winning work in AR, VR, machine learning, and AI application development for advertising, marketing, sales enablement, and enterprise training.

EON Reality

EON Reality is a leader in augmented and virtual reality academic and industry training solutions. The company is setting up a de-facto standard for AR/VR education and industry solutions that support devices from mobile phones to head-mounted displays, and large screens and facilities.

Crysberry Studio

Crysberry Studio has been constantly developing and specializing in VR, AR, game, and mobile development for education, enterprise, and entertainment. The company strives to cultivate an environment that will bring together the greatest minds to yield the best solutions for the clients and partners.

Gravity Jack

Gravity Jack is a team of elite and passionate software developers who specialize in augmented reality, and are pulled from the top-tier gaming, mobile, and web studios. The company’s advancement in technology has allowed the company to patent its own software development kit that is widely used for augmented reality purposes.

WeAR Studio

WeAR Studio empowers businesses with augmented and virtual reality. The company stands at the forefront of innovation and uses state-of-art, immersive technologies that ensure the robust growth of all the clients.

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