The Oculus Quest is getting multi-user support soon

Oculus Quest headsets will soon support multiple users, Facebook has announced. The functionality will allow Quest owners to set secondary accounts on their headsets, which will allow other people to log in and access content shared by the primary user while maintaining separate save data and achievements.

The primary account holder will be able to add three secondary accounts and share apps on a single device, though Facebook says you’ll later be able to share purchases across three headsets; the company may also adjust these parameters based on feedback. Apps will be automatically opted-in to the sharing functionality, but developers can opt out before February 12th.

The Quest 2’s Facebook account requirement has been controversial, and unsurprisingly nothing changes here — secondary account users will have to log in with a Facebook account of their own. For households that already have multiple Quest users, though, the features should make life easier.

Facebook says the functionality will come to the Quest 2 next month in experimental form, meaning you can switch it on with a toggle in the settings menu before it gets released to all Quest headsets, including the original model.

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