The 6 Best Christmas Themed Subscription Boxes

Christmas means many things to different people. If you celebrate Christmas, it’s usually a time to be with family, exchange gifts, and bask in the holiday spirit.

A great way to amp up the season’s festiveness is to decorate—get a tree, hang some lights and tinsel, whip out the special Christmas-themed pieces that usually no one is allowed to touch.

But shopping around Christmas time can be a nightmare, so a great way to stay festive with your decor while also avoiding the crowds is by turning to a subscription box.

Here are some Christmas-themed subscriptions to check out.

My Christmas Crate

My Christmas Crate offers a monthly, three-, six-, or twelve-month subscription. It costs $35.95 for the month-to-month crate or $371.50 for the 12-month subscription. The service also has a Digital Gift Card you can purchase that starts from $10.

The subscription aims to provide you with what you need to have a magical time at Christmas. You can get specific Christmas-related items or seasonal products all year round.

The $35.95 month-to-month crate gets you between three and six Christmas or holiday-inspired items. They could be anything from holiday home décor to treats to kitchen essentials like themed towels.

Christmas Club Subscription Box

Christmas Club offers three subscription plans. There’s a month-to-month one for $35, a six-month one for $185, and a twelve-month one for $350.


You don’t only have Christmas to enjoy the subscription, either. It offers holiday-themed items guaranteed to keep you feeling festive all year round. Each box gets you four to five festive items, like decorative pieces, food and drink options, home and kitchen accessories, seasonal scents, and even wearables.

Christmas Club promises a “unique and exciting unboxing experience” if you get a box. If you get their month-to-month plan, it’s free to cancel anytime, so why not try it?

What's inside a Club Christmas Box

A Club Christmas Box sets you back $40.27, $36.24, or $34.23 for a month-to-month, six months, and a 12 months subscription, respectively.

Club Christmas tries to provide you with all the Christmas cheer you need for your holiday and all year round. Every box delivers a variety of festive items that are guaranteed to exceed the price you paid, so you know you’ll be getting your money’s worth.

There are no hidden fees, and you’re free to cancel anytime, so why not celebrate Christmas every month?

Always Christmas Club

As the name lets on, Always Christmas Club aims to give you the feeling of Christmas all year round.

You can subscribe for a monthly box for $40.27, a six-month plan for $201.40, or a twelve-month plan for $402.81. Each box offers items guaranteed to raise your holiday spirit and bring you Christmas cheer and that holiday feeling of joy and magic.

When you subscribe, you receive an array of unique Christmas-themed pieces, and the best part is that everything you get is made by artisans and handmade crafters, making the items even more special.

By getting an Always Christmas Club box, you support small businesses from all over the globe while also enjoying some holiday magic. What more can you want from a subscription box?

Ornament of the Month Club

If you love the idea of getting everything you need to keep the Christmas spirit alive in a single box, but wish you could get crafty with it, the Mary Maxim Ornament of the Month Club is for you.

This subscription allows you to get your creativity flowing and create your own Christmas ornament design. The service provides you with everything you’d need to deck out your tree. You just have to make it.

Each month follows a theme inspired by gems and usually comes with sparkling crystals. If you want to join the Ornament of the Month Club, it will cost you $14.99 monthly.

Once you subscribe, you don’t need to reorder as they’ll send you everything automatically. But if you wish to cancel, you’re free to do so anytime.

If you find yourself unable to or just don’t have the time to make ornaments, the Ornament of the Month Club will accept a return up to six months from your order if the item you’re sending back is in resalable condition.

My Christmas Snowflake

My Christmas Snowflake brings you “Christmas Magic Monthly!”

The subscription box provides you with various themed items, like holiday pieces you can decorate your home with, tree ornaments, scented objects like candles, wearables, indulgent treats, and even Christmas collectibles.

A My Christmas Snowflake box will set you back $30.95 for a monthly subscription, $83.57 for a three-month subscription, and $326.84 for a 12-month plan.

And though the box centers around Christmas, the service does account for what time of the year it is when packing your box. So, each month, you’ll get at least one item that’s current to the season and time. So, if it’s summer, you’ll get something that accounts for that.

Christmas Is as Special as You Make It

If you’re not a fan of the holiday, that’s absolutely your prerogative. But if you are, and wish to hold onto the festiveness a bit longer, these subscriptions offer you a great way to do so.

Subscriptions are a fantastic way to enjoy something without dealing with the stress of shopping. You get a prepackaged box with everything you’d need to lift your mood. Check these subscriptions out and extend the holiday as long as you want.

A bit of Christmas cheer in the gloomy, snowed-in days of winter can be a fantastic yet simple source of joy. There’s no rule that the Christmas tree has to come down on January 1, so push the limits and leave it up this year. Why not have a Christmas in July? Christmas only ends when you want it to end.

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