Successful Women in Technology are Evolving Big Time

by Analytics Insight

January 23, 2022

Women in technology

The traits of successful women can usually be traced back to seeing a problem and finding a solution.

Women entrepreneurs are disrupting industries everywhere, from fashion to technology to finance. No matter what line of businesswomen entrepreneurs are in, the traits of successful women can usually be traced back to seeing a problem and finding a solution. Women bring a new perspective and skill set toward business that often helps make them better entrepreneurs. There are so many intangible qualities that make women entrepreneurs so special, and while these traits of successful women are certainly not all exclusive to women, it’s important to celebrate the qualities that position women to be successful and encourage more women to go after that success.

The year’s calling for each of us to challenge our own stereotypes and biases when discussing gender. Biases are rife in many industries, but particularly in tech; a sector that has been historically run and dominated by men. Men used to be the only ones who had the right to an education, serve in the military, vote or have a job, but times have changed. Also, there remained a staggering absence of women in technology-related fields. Enabling diversity is not only a social imperative but also a competitive advantage for companies and institutions resulting in demonstratively greater returns.

But now, we’re living in the 21st century and the world has seen a lot of progress in women’s rights. But those rights that were once exclusively given only to men have meant that women have had to do some catching up in the years since. And we’ve definitely been catching up and overcoming gender biases.

Women in technology create value through the diversity of thought. Collaboration between different genders, sexual orientations, ethnicities, and races can lead to enhanced problem solving and increased innovation. It shows us that diversity among teams helps them make better business decisions. Gender diversity sheds more light on an organization’s opportunities and vulnerabilities. This heightened awareness means gender-diverse teams can be more efficient and better able to make crucial decisions twice as fast and with half of the meetings. Adopting gender diversity can help companies experience these far-reaching benefits.

Women’s Intuition is real and it’s invaluable in running a business. Intuition is something women in leadership have no problem tapping into. Every situation has its own complexities and challenges, so we do the research investigating and data gathering, but at some point, there’s not enough evidence to point you in a definite direction, and you just have to go with your gut. Other times, that intuitiveness creates a sensation that changes how we live.

While all the opportunities are bountiful, the future for women in tech depends on the IT industry’s ability to inspire young women to study computing and technology throughout their school careers, and then go on to apprenticeships and degrees in these subjects. The work does not end here. The tech sector must continue to encourage women to apply to the industry and then retain the female demographic. Technology’s future depends on it.

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