Standard Chartered Malaysia Used Facebook for Automatic Placement Feature

by Analytics Insight

January 16, 2022


Leveraging Facebook asset customization for automatic placements, the Standard Chartered bank had successfully reached its target audience.


Facebook is one of the leading Silicon Valley giant social media platforms in the tech-driven world focused on different services for better customer engagement. Standard Chartered Malaysia is a well-known financial institution that offers a diverse range of financial solutions to people in Malaysia. It faced some crucial issues to run a cost-efficient campaign. It wanted to enhance the ad performance as per the quality of the campaign related to the launch of the Standard Chartered Smart Credit Card event. But the entire planning should be budget-friendly from a reputed company. Facebook is thriving in the business marketplace for placing advertisements and enhancing customer engagement. 



The Standard Chartered Bank of Malaysia decided to determine whether the asset customization for placements could enhance the business-as-usual campaign performance with the automatic placement feature of Facebook. Facebook helps to deliver ads across all its apps and services based on the placements to drive better outcomes at the lowest cost. Asset customization for placements has different versions of ads for different placements to show more relevant ads to the target audience as per the current tastes and preferences.  The bank also used the Facebook pixel to monitor how many people saw the ad from November to December 2020. Facebook used automatic placements and better marketing decisions with the in-depth insights from the real-time data collected. Facebook apps drive the business goals efficiently and effectively. 



Leveraging Facebook’s automatic placements and asset customization for placements, the bank had successfully reached the target audience to run an efficient campaign for credit cards. Facebook offered powerful machine learning features to provide 8% lower cost per click, 8% higher click-through rate, and 13% lower cost per landing page view. 

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