Solana Launch Pay While Bitgert Planning For Paybrise, Also Cardano, Litecoin, Centcex, Matic, Avalanche Became Bullish


There are various crypto projects like Bitgert and Centcex. Here is more about the tip best crypto projects of 2022.

The first week of February has been very productive for the crypto industry. The market has been bullish for the last three days of the week, which has seen most cryptocurrencies bully their way up the price charts. It has also been the week that impressive crypto products have been released. Solana has just launched a payment system, Solana Pay, while Bitgert is in the process of developing Paybrise. Here is more about the tip best crypto projects of 2022.



Of all the cryptocurrencies today, Bitgert is one of the most special projects. There are key products the Bitgert team is developing that are making it the best DeFi and crypto project of 2022. The centralized exchange and the gasless blockchain are two flagship projects making Bitgert unique.

The team recently introduced the Paybrise and metaverse projects, products that have made Bitgert very attractive. The Paybrise will enable merchants to accept $BRISE payments, while the metaverse product will be the next big thing upon the roadmap V2.0 launch. These are some of the factors driving the bullish Bitgert growth.



Without even the current bull market condition, Centcex was still doing well in the crypto market. But the current bull market has given Centcex the push it needed to record one of the best growths in a while. At the time of this writing, Centcex had gained over 5% for the past 24 hours, and it looks like the coin is growing stronger by the day.

The upcoming Centcex CEX has been among the many reasons why more crypto investors are going for Centcex. The project will be having 100% APY distributed to the staked tokens. This is a huge passive income with unlimited products running on the ecosystem. The Centcex price is expected to get more bullish as the CEX launch date nears.



The coming of the Solana Pay marks the beginning of a new product that will take the market by storm. The platform has been doing well, and all the products the team has released have had great success. With the launch of this payment system, it means that Solana is getting into DeFi, and with the kind of network it is running, Solana Pay will be the most preferred platform.

Just being the fastest blockchain means that Solana Pay will process more transactions in a second. This will be an impressive product to watch. The Solana Riptide Hackathon is still going on. These are just some of the reasons why Solana is bullish.



The weekend has been really good for the Cardano coin holders. This is one of the weekends that Cardano has posted one of the best performances for a while. Cardano is one of the crypto coins that recorded over 10% today. Over the last three days, the cryptocurrency has been doing very well and has been on a bullish growth.

The Cardano growth has also been driven by the expected bullish explosion immediately after the team starts the widely anticipated Hydra upgrade. The Cardano team has been working on the scaling protocol for a while now. It might be ready for launch at any time. That’s why apart from the bull market, Cardano is also posting impressive growth.



There has been a lot of developments this week regarding the Litecoin blockchain. The team has just launched the widely anticipated MWEB, a protocol upgrade that is going to make Litecoin a better platform. The security-oriented upgrade is aimed at making the network faster and more fungible. This is one of the developments that despite the bull market condition, Litecoin would still be doing well in the market.

There has also been a growing Litecoin adoption trend over the last few weeks. The adoption by celebrities has also been making LTC popular. Therefore, Litecoin has developments to make it bullish at the moment.



The bullish Matic growth has been recorded for the last 2 days. Coming into the weekend, Matic has been one of the best performers of 2022. By posting over 10% in growth on Saturday morning, Matic has been one of the cryptocurrencies doing well in the market today. In fact, it has been ranked among the best gainer.

The impressive performance of the Matic might continue going forward if the Polygon network continues growing larger. There are a number of projects migrating to polygon networks and new projects have been on the rise. This will automatically result in a stronger Matic.



The end of the first week of February has been very good for the Avalanche investors. The week is ending with Avalanche posting one of the best performances in a while. As of this writing, Avalanche was still posting over 10% growth, which quality to be a bullish growth.

The bull growth of this crypto coin may have been driven by the bull market, but there are many other factors. The fact Avalanche is still the fastest smart contract has got many developers joining. The team is also increasing network scaling, which is attracting crypto investors. These are factors contributing to a bullish Avalanche.

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