Solana Development Updates & How It’s Left Behind By Bitgert Blockchain, Cardano & Avalanche

Solana Development Updates & How It’s Left Behind By Bitgert Blockchain, Cardano & Avalanche

by Analytics Insight

February 26, 2022


The Bitgert Startup Studio program might be more effective in growing the coin value.

The Solana team has been working hard to deliver the roadmap. So far, the team has launched multiple products, but the Solana Pay is one of the recent releases. But the team is competing with other cryptocurrencies that are also doing very well. In fact, some of them, like Bitgert, have already toppled Solana as the fastest blockchain in the market. Here is the Solana development and how Bitgert Blockchain, Cardano, and Avalanche have left it behind.



Bitgert is the first blockchain to overtake Solana as the fastest blockchain. The Bitgert blockchain is now the fastest chain in the industry at 100k TPS, which is faster than the Solana chain’s 65k TPS. In addition to the speed, the Bitgert chain gas is cheaper than Solana gas. In fact, the Bitgert is a zero gas fee chain since the gas cost is $0.0000000000001, which is a near-zero figure. Though Solana is running the Riptide hackathon, the Bitgert Startup Studio program might be more effective in growing the coin value. Therefore, Bitgert is a tough Solana competitor even moving forward.



The Centcex project might be the next big Solana competitor in terms of utility. Centcex has continued to excite the crypto community, and this can be seen from its impressive performance over the 3 months it has been around. The Centcex marketcap and the token price have been growing steadily. But it is the large utility the Centcex team is developing and the staking reward that are attracting investors. The team is building an unlimited number of blockchain applications, and the staking reward is 100% APY. This is why Centcex might be a tough competitor in the industry.



The Solana project has been one of the best projects of 2021. Though the year 2022 has also been good for the Solana project, there has been a lot of competition in the market. The Solana blockchain is no longer the fastest chain in the industry. It has been overtaken by Bitgert with mind-blowing 100k TPS. The Bitgert chain is also offering a lower gas fee. There are many other cryptocurrencies like Cardano that are promising to offer better speed than Solana.



For some time now, Cardano’s biggest rival has been Solana. The Solana blockchain came and overtook Cardano speed to become the fastest blockchain before Bitgert overtook all of them. But the team is working on the scaling platform and could soon hit the 1 million TPS mark. The Hydra might make the chain faster than Solana. The Cardano chain might also host more projects than Solana. It is important to note that Cardano’s market value was larger than Solana’s at the time of this writing.



The other cryptocurrency that is giving Solana tough competition is Avalanche. The avalanche network is the fastest the best scaling solution with incredible flexibility. Its compatibility with the Ethereum smart contracts is a major reason why it has grown very popular with developers and crypto investors. Although facing tough competition from Bitgert, the Avalanche network still remains one of the biggest Solana competitors. With the expected Avalanche scaling protocol improvement, their network might attract more developers than Solana going forward into 2022.

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