Shiba Inu, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, BNB, Bitgert & Centcex

Shiba Inu, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, BNB, Bitgert & Centcex – These Cryptos Are Worth A Look

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January 15, 2022


It’s 2022, and the crypto market is opening up with many old and new crypto projects showing signs of hitting a bull run soon. There is so much happening in individual projects that will make them stand out and dominate the industry. There are many cryptocurrencies out there to select from, but this list has some of the best worth looking at. Read more below why the following might be the best cryptocurrencies of 2022.


1. Bitgert

Bitgert team has been delivering beyond expectation, and that’s why the project has grown so big, yet it was just 5 months at the time of this writing. There are over 6Bitgert products with the wallet, swap, audit program, and staking process already launched. The latestBitgert product is the PAYRISE, a payment gateway that enables users to buy goods and services from stores using $BRISE.

The Bitgert team has announced the completion of the Brise exchange, a centralized crypto exchange, user interface, and the database structure. The beta version of the exchange will release at the end of February, and the exchange will launch in Q1. The zero gas fee blockchain is going on well. For more info about the gasless blockchain and otherBitgert products, visit the Bitgert website


2. Centcex

Centcex is one of the crypto projects worth looking at in 2022. For those looking for a cryptocurrency that rewards handsomely, this is one of the best coins to buy today. The Centcex project is building cryptocurrency-based products that will be running on its ecosystem. Among the products the team is building are exchanges, decentralized applications, staking programs, and user base, among others.

Centcex exchange is the current product the team is working on right now. Already, the Centcexteam has announced the completion of the exchange user interface and database structure. The UI website version was also recently released. The Centcex exchange might launch in Q1. There are many more products coming up, including the staking program. Learn more about the project from the Centcex website.


3. Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu is another product worth looking at today. This was one of the fastest-growing tokens of 2021, and it still has the magic and could explode again. Unlike 2021 when Shib was just a mere meme coin, the team is now improving it to make it one of the most attractive cryptocurrencies in the market. Decentralizing the platform further and giving the token more utility are some of the attractive features of Shiba Inu.

The upcoming Doggy DAO will be a big improvement on the Shiba network. The DAO gives the community power to vote on new projects, trading pairs, and how the $BONE rewards will be shared. The DAO is eradicating the influence of whales on cryptocurrency. With more products coming up, Shiba Inu is one of the cryptocurrencies worth looking at.


4. Bitcoin

Bitcoin is one of the cryptocurrencies that are said to be gold coins. This is a coin that cannot collapse in the prevailing market and has real-world utility. As the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin has a huge community and market value. The increasing utility of the token is what makes it popular in the market and a worthy investment. There are many businesses, including brick and mortar stores, now accepting Bitcoin payments for goods and services.

In addition to that, there is a fast-growing trend where people are buying Bitcoin for value storage and not gold. The increasing of such people is definitely going to surge the price of Bitcoin. With countries like El Salvador accepting Bitcoin as legal tender, more countries might do the same in 2022. These are reasons why Bitcoin is worth a  look.


5. Ethereum

Ethereum is another cryptocurrency worth a look at today. It is one of the cryptocurrencies projected to do very in 2022 because of the developments that are going on. The ongoing Ethereumprotocol upgrade is the biggest reason why the crypto community believes Ethereum might do well in 2022. In fact, the price prediction is $8,000 by the end of the year. The protocol upgrade, also known as the Ethereum 2.0 or Serenity Upgrade, addresses all the major shortcomings of this blockchain.

The upgrade includes Ethereumblockchain migration from the current PoW to the PoS. It also introduces the sharding chains as one of the scaling solutions. With this upgrade, the Ethereum network will be faster, cheaper, secure, and user-friendly. This is what will make Ethereum one of the best blockchains in the market, and Ethereumtoken prices will increase by a huge margin.


6. Dogecoin

Dogecoin is another cryptocurrency worth a look at. This is one of the coins that have been doing well in the market mostly because of the development that has been going on. The Dogecoin team has been working on the Dogecoin mainnet to make this digital currency more efficient. This will increase Dogecoinusers, grow the market value and the price of the token.

But the inclusion of Vitalik Buterin and Elon Musk in the board of advisors is one of the reasons this coin might do well in the market. Already, their effect is seen from the growing token value. Elon Musk has been commenting about Dogecoin, which is making this cryptocurrency popular. Recently, Tesla accepted Dogecoin as a currency for buying goods.


7. Binance coin

Binance coin is another token worth a look at today. Though the cryptocurrency plunged in the last few days, it has recovered very fast from the dip. There are a number of reasons why the Binance coin is one of the coins to watch this year. Apart from the improvements the team is doing on the Binance mainnet, the demand for BNB is rising because of the market forces.

In fact, the BNBis projected to increase by more than 100% due to this demand. There are more projects starting on the Binance Smart Chain, and the volume of tokens traded on the Binance exchange is the highest in the world. The team is currently carrying out a big marketing campaign where Binance has appeared in music videos, sporting events, and so on. All these factors will make Binance coin grow faster in 2022.

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