Polygon (MATIC) & Terra (LUNA) Price Drop, Bitgert Surge To Bullish


The crypto market looks a bit bearish today, with most cryptocurrencies already posting price drops in the past 24 hours. But a few cryptocurrencies are going against the grain to post impressive gains. Bitgert is one of the cryptocurrencies that have been bullish when the likes of Polygon (MATIC) and Terra (LUNA) prices have been dropping. Read more about the Bitgert price surge below:



The Bitgert price has been booming even when the market is bearish. For most of the last two weeks of February, Bitgert has been skyrocketing even when the cryptocurrency market was crashing. This is because of the incredible speed of delivering products that Bitgert is moving at. Mid-Feb, the Bitgert team launched a game-changing BRC20 blockchain that has taken the crypto industry by storm.

The Bitgert BRC20 blockchain is a zero-gas fee chain that charges $0.0000000000001 to transact on the chain. It is the cheapest gas in the crypto industry right now, which is why the crypto community is excited about it. The Bitgert chain has a 100k TPS, making it the fastest chain after overtaking Solana 65k. With so many products launching onto the chain, including Brise CEX, more investors are buying $BRISE. That’s why Bitgert price is skyrocketing during a bearish market.



The Centcex team is delivering the roadmap faster and within the set timelines. The team has done a lot in developing products for the network. In fact, the products development has already started, which shows how the team is committed to this project. Among the recent news that the team released is the completion of key components of the Centcex exchange.

But there are more products, in fact, an unlimited number, that the Centcex team is building. The products will also include dApps, staking programs and many others. With all these products, the Centcex staking reward is a 100% APY. These are the major reasons why Centcex’s prices is very stable.


Polygon (MATIC)

Polygon (MATIC) is among the large cryptocurrencies that are posting a drop in price today. Though the market is generally bearish, Matic is among the cryptocurrencies recording a significant drop. But the Polygon price drop could also be influenced by the increasing competition from other projects like Bitgert.

The coming of the Bitgert chain may be one of the reasons Polygon (MATIC) is performing poorly. With Bitgert offering a faster speed and lower fee for gas than Polygon, it might start experiencing a reduced adoption rate. That’s why the price could be dropping faster.


Terra (LUNA)

The Terra (LUNA) price performance has been one of the best in the crypto market. This is one of the cryptocurrencies that did very well in most of the 4th week of February. With an over 50% increase over the past 7 days, Terra has been increasing at a very fast rate. But the last few days have shown price drop when Bitgert is skyrocketing.

The Terra (LUNA) has not launched a lot of products like Bitgert as well as game-changing utilities like BRC20 blockchain. In fact, the Terra team is yet to confirm the building of its own blockchain. Therefore, Bitgert might continue outperforming Terra.

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