Is the Echo Dot With Clock Worth It?

Should you spend a few more bucks for the Echo Dot with Clock? We’ll take a look.

The Echo Dot with Clock is just a bit more than the standard Echo Dot. We’ll compare the two and see which one is right for you.

Comparing the Echo Dot and Echo Dot With Clock

The Echo Dot with Clock comes in a twilight blue or glacier white color. The Echo Dot adds charcoal to those color options. Otherwise, both editions are identical. They have the same mesh exterior design and access to Alexa commands and responses.

You can do the same things with either version. You’ll have access to lots of great, free Alexa skills. You can use either Echo Dot to shop, check the weather, listen to audiobooks, and more. You can even use an Echo Dot as a Bluetooth speaker.

Unlike the Echo Dot, the Echo Dot with Clock superimposes the time over the mesh exterior. The Echo Dot with Clock is $10 more than the Echo Dot.

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In this day of Alexa responses and smartphones with information at your fingertips, something is missing. Clocks you can see at night have disappeared.

If you wake in the middle of the night and wonder what time it is, you could ask Alexa. But maybe you don’t feel like saying anything at 3 a.m. Maybe you don’t want to wake your partner. You could reach for your smartphone, but that might require a lot of fumbling in the dark.

The Echo Dot with Clock revives the retro, highly-visible, glowing numbers from the bedside clock radios of yesteryear. If you wake and wonder what time it is, you can glance at the clock even in the dark. This alone makes it worth the extra cost.


It also displays the current outside temperature when you ask Alexa about the weather. If you use a timer, the Echo Dot with Clock will display how much time remains. This might be handy, for example, and you want to see how much time remains when baking something.

The Echo Dot with Clock is worth the extra $10 if you could use a visible clock display in any room of your house.

Having a conversation with Alexa is convenient, but sometimes you don’t feel like saying anything. Sometimes you just want to use your eyes and roll back over to go to sleep.

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