iPhone 13 vs iPhone 12 Pro Max: The Ultimate Comparison

iPhone 13 vs iPhone 12 Pro Max – These two phones are the latest and greatest from Apple. They both have a lot of cool features, but which one is better? This article will compare them head-to-head to find out who comes out on top!

Both the iPhone 13 and iPhone 12 Pro Max are great phones, but one of them has to be more awesome than the other. This blog post will compare the two of them, looking at what each one can do, how much they cost, and which one is better. Continue reading to find out who comes out on top!

iPhone 13 vs iPhone 12 Pro Max

iphone 13 vs iphone 12 pro max
iphone 13 vs iphone 12 pro max

1. Size and Resolution

The iPhone 13 is bigger and has a much higher resolution than the 12 Pro Max. Plus it’s waterproof, making this phone perfect for any aspiring underwater photographer who wants their shots to be captured on film quality footage!

2. Affordable

The iPhone 13 is more expensive, but it also comes with an improved camera. The front-facing TrueDepth sensor will make face detection much quicker and accurate for selfies or group pictures in high light settings that are often difficult to take on your phone!

The iPhone 12 Pro Max has a much lower price point, making it easier to afford for many people.

With the iPhone 12 Pro Max, you can finally afford an Apple phone that doesn’t feel like a luxury item.

A lower price point means more people will be able to access this device and enjoy all its benefits!

3. Battery Life

The 12 Pro Max lasts longer than the 13 because it doesn’t have as high-tech features, giving you peace of mind to know that your device will last all day.

4. FaceID

You can unlock your phone just by looking at it. The two new iPhones are both equipped with FaceID, which means you don’t have to input a password or passcode ever again!

5.Screen Quality

The iPhone 13 is a great choice for people who take lots of pictures or watch movies because its screen quality improves over previous models. It also has less glare from sunlight than other phones on the market, making it more enjoyable to view your device in bright conditions!

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6. Design and Display

The iPhone 13 has a gorgeous new design that feels great in the hand.

A beautiful screen is included, giving you lots of room to display your favorite photos and videos!

One-handed typing will be easier on this device as well with its super slim size.

For people who want an Apple phone but don’t have a lot of room in their pockets, this device is perfect.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max has a large display and feels like an upgrade from its predecessor (the iPhone XR), making it another great choice for people who want to invest in the Apple brand!

7. Camera Quality 

The iPhone 13 has an amazing camera that captures stunning shots with its impressive quad-lens setup.

It also has a fantastic front facing TrueDepth Sensor, allowing you to take selfies easily in any lighting!

For people who love taking pictures or making films on their phone, this device is perfect for capturing your memories the best way possible.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max has a lower quality camera, making it more of an entry-level device for people who don’t take many photos or video on their phone!

Apple is known for its amazing cameras, but this model doesn’t have as great features as some other Apple devices out there.

7. Battery Life and Charging

The iPhone12 pro max has a decent battery life and charges quickly.

iPhone 12 Pro Max has fast charging so you can keep working or playing games all day long!

The iPhone 13 has an amazing battery that will last for hours without needing to be charged again, which is perfect if you’re always on the go!

For people who are looking for a long-lasting Apple experience, the iPhone 13 is perfect.

Another bonus of this device is that if you’ve ever been annoyed by low battery notifications in public places or on your commute to work, it’s no longer an issue with this phone because it charges super quickly!

8. Pros and Cons of Each Phone


iPhone 13  – Great for taking high quality photos and videos on the go, long lasting battery life. iPhone 12 Pro Max – Affordable price point makes it more accessible to a wider range of consumers, bigger screen size with less glare from sunlight.


iPhone 13 – Expensive device that doesn’t have the greatest battery life for people who don’t want to charge as often.

iPhone 12 Pro Max – Lacks super high-tech features that some Apple users might be looking for in a phone, lower quality camera than other models.

By using this comparison chart, it’s clear which device would suit you best!


In case you needed another reason to invest in the Apple iPhone brand, this comparison chart shows how amazing their new devices are.

Apple always creates the best technology for their users, and these two new models are no exception.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this comparison between iPhone 13 vs iPhone 12 Pro Max.

I think the iphone13 is better than the iphone12 pro max because it has a longer

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