Improve Your Instagram Followers in 10 Steps

There are many methods you can apply to gain more followers on Instagram.

We have brought together 10 of the most effective Instagram strategies for you. Here are 10 secrets to getting more followers on Instagram.

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Use third party services to manage your Instagram account

Unlike Twitter and Facebook, it is much more difficult to interact with your followers on Instagram. However, there are third party software that you can use to interact with your followers in a healthy and effective way. We will be talking about just two software mentioned in this article: Iconsquare for community and raffle management and Nitrogram for Instagram management.


Nitrogram is able to effectively track the use of hashtags and Instagram accounts especially related to your business. With the help of nitrogram, you can determine how many people share about your company and how often these posts are made. More and more Instagram users are obsessed with how many followers they have, but seeing how existing followers interact with the shared content is just as important.

To put it briefly, the nitrogram’s function is that it focuses on quality, not quantity. While you share a certain number of shares from your company account on Instagram, the shares of your followers about your company also provide important information about customer satisfaction and brand attractiveness.


With Iconsquare, you can closely monitor your community and interact with your followers in many different ways. Using Iconsquare service; You can view your own Instagram feeds and photos, follow your account statistics, host contests and reply to comments from your followers.

When it comes to comments, Iconsquare’s comments are categorized as read and unread in two ways. Thus, you will not miss any of the comments from your followers and you can easily follow all the comments that come to you. Thanks to this function in Iconsquare, you have the opportunity to immediately reply to comments or remove an inappropriate comment immediately.

Host competitions or sweepstakes

Organizing competitions on the road to community building is a very important strategy. With a service like Iconsquare, you can manage competitions. When you organize a contest or raffle on Iconsquare, you get a special Landing Page for your promotion.

Thanks to this landing page, you can list the official promotion rules that people who want to participate in the contest or raffle must follow. The landing page also provides an easy way for your followers to participate in competitions. You can also promote this page and track the success. Using hashtags, you can organize follower engagement and account for promotion success.

Respond to your followers’ comments

Interact with your audience. Who would want to follow the account of a person who will not respond to them? It is very important to be active and in communication with other users, so add value to your followers by definitely responding to the comments your followers send to you. According to Digital Buzz, a total of 81 comments are posted on Instagram every second. It is humanly impossible to be aware of so many comments from followers who like your account and to be in a position to respond to all of them. In these cases, the third party software mentioned above will be very useful. Also, do not forget that Instagram users prefer to receive comments instead of likes. In every second that passes on Instagram, 81 comments are posted against 575 new likes.

Account visibility

You can understand that your photos are popular and are shown to all Instagram users except your followers, when you see your posts in the discover section. The Discover page is the section where the most interesting photos on Instagram are shown. If your photos are displayed on the discover page, you will increase your account visibility much more. So what needs to be done for a photo to be included on the discover page? This result is achieved through two factors: the rate of interaction a photo has with the number of likes and comments, and the time it takes to reach this interaction rate after the photo sharing. In other words, when you reply to the comments posted on your posts, you increase the interaction with your post even more.

Use hashtags to track interaction over time

Hashtags have been mentioned a lot so far. This is because the use of hashtags to properly calculate the growth and growth of your Instagram account over time has been overlooked. You can categorize the photos you share according to the words in the hashtags.

It is very important to take a look at the number of photos shared about your brand in order to measure the growth of your brand over time and to learn about the impressions of users of your brand. To do this, go to the discover page and type your brand name in the search field. In the search results, you can easily determine how many shares Instagram users have shared about your brand in total. Afterwards, you can select the photos you come across in the search results one by one and add comments to them.

Use Instagram badges

By using the badges with the link of your Instagram profile, you can promote your Instagram profile online and facilitate access to your Instagram profile in different ways. Instagram badges are offered to users in different sizes. By adding your Instagram badge to your website, blog or any other online environment, you can facilitate and speed up access to your Instagram profile.

Use popular photo filters

The content and objects you prefer in your photos are important, and a few filters you add before sharing have a much more interesting feature than you think. However, it is recommended that you completely ignore the black and white filter.

Set your sharing times right

Monday evening 8pm is the best time to share content, according to Iconsquare. After that, the best time to share content is 6 pm on either Wednesday or Thursday. In addition, photos are most active within the first three hours after the time they are posted. While 46 percent of the comments to be received on the photo you share will take place within the first hour after posting, 69 percent will take place within the first three hours after sharing.

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So if the photo you shared fails to achieve the success you want in the first three hours after sharing, do not expect this photo to gain popularity when even more time passes.


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