Importance of AI in The International Labour Organization

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January 15, 2022


This article talks about the importance of Artificial Intelligence or AI in the International Labour Organization

The International Labour Organization or ILO is the only tripartite United Nations agency since 1919 with a focus on setting labour standards, developing policies, promoting decent employment opportunities, and devising programmes for men and women across the world. It provides an equal voice to workers, employers, and governments to ensure the views of social partners are reflected in labour standards in shaping policies and programmes efficiently. Meanwhile, cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are helping in improving the standard of living across the world. Multiple industries have started leveraging smart functionalities of artificial intelligence to boost efficiency and gain meaningful in-depth insights efficiently. It helps to study the potential market trends without any error with the collection of vast real-time data. Let’s explore how the International Labour Organization leverages the power of artificial intelligence to make the world a better place with equal opportunities of work to all kinds of genders across the work.

The International Labour Organization has started leveraging artificial intelligence to provide better functionalities, rules and regulations, and management to multiple industries across the world. There are different projects and activities on the behalf of AI for Good with related Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs.

Projects related to artificial intelligence include algorithmic management in the logistics and healthcare sectors, research on worker privacy and personal data protection, a competency profiling app with PROSPECTS partnership, digitalization of national TVET and skills systems by harnessing technology to support life-long learning systems, online digital labour platforms in China, digital work in Eastern Europe, AI-based recruitment software, decent and sustainable work in the urban passenger transport system and many more. ILO has presented some of the important research paper series such as the economics of artificial intelligence and the implications for the future of work— it discusses about the rational fear of losing job opportunities to the wave of automation and robotics.

The International Labour Organization has decided to launch a competition for innovative solutions with the social impact to boost action towards the Sustainable Development Goals Target 8.7. It involves with the digital information systems for collaborative work to eliminate child labour, forced labour, as well as human trafficking.

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