How Windows VPS Can Strengthen Your Internet Marketing

The internet has become the fabric of commerce. Over 80% of people do their shopping online, and many people will search for your company on the web before making a visit. Consumers look at online reviews to gauge if your company is reliable. They will also visit your company’s website to learn your hours of operation, phone numbers, and other details. Many restaurants have created apps that let people order their food from their devices. This feature saves people the time they would have spent waiting in line in the venue.

A website is your home base in the digital landscape. It’s where people can get an uninterrupted view of your brand without messages from competitors showing up. Your first impression can make or break the relationship. Investing in Windows VPS can improve each visitor’s experience on your site and lead to new customers. We will share some of the ways Window VPS can strengthen your internet marketing. 

Your Website Stays Up

Some prospects never get the chance to browse your website. An error page may greet the visitor and render your website inaccessible. It’s easy to take a functional website for granted. However, if it suddenly becomes unavailable to the public, you can lose a steady stream of customers. Websites go down because of traffic overwhelm, cyber attacks, and other factors.

Windows VPS increases your website’s uptime. A virtual private server gives your website more resources instead of spreading them across several websites. This protective measure helps you focus more on internet marketing without worrying about your site becoming temporarily unavailable during peak hours.

Windows VPS Speeds Up Your Website

Keeping your website up and active will grow your customer base. Visitors can navigate your website and find the information they seek. Even if your website is up, a slow load time can deter visitors from your website. Consumers have been conditioned to request quick access to information. Your website should load within four seconds to increase retention. Every extra second of load time can hurt your retention and online sales.

Business owners can apply several tactics to improve page load times. You can reduce image sizes and show summaries of blog posts. These incremental improvements will help, but switching to a Windows VPS has the most upside. When you use shared hosting, you share finite resources with many websites. Each website on the public server competes for traffic and engagement. If one of these sites gets too much traction, the other websites can slow down or temporarily stop working. A Windows VPS puts your website on a separate server where it can utilize the available resources. Not sharing resources with other websites will improve your page speed. The better load time will retain more people on your site, a critical element of internet marketing success.

SEO Features

Windows VPS keeps your website up and provides users with a better experience. However, this server does more than increase engagement from your existing audience. Windows VPS delivers several SEO benefits. Algorithms appreciate websites with short load times, and some solutions like Host Stage provide SEO tools with their VPS solutions. Improving your website’s SEO presence will help future articles rank well. These enhancements can also help older articles gain momentum and surpass competitors. A top-quality Windows VPS also lets you integrate external SEO tools. Host Stage enables you to run Scrapebox, Mass Planner, GSA Search Engine Ranker, and other SEO tools. 

Cybersecurity Protection

Cyber hackers are getting smarter and making bigger paydays. The cybersecurity market is projected to surpass $200 billion this year and for good reasons. Cyber attackers are expected to swindle the world out of $10.5 trillion each year by 2025. Some cyberattacks can destroy your website and other assets. Other cyber hackers may steal personal information from you and your customers. Most businesses can’t survive the financial fallout of a cyber attack, but you can still protect yourself. Using strong passwords, two-step authentication, and restricting access to important documents are some measures designed to keep you safe.

Windows VPS provides additional cybersecurity features. Since your website is alone on the network, it is less vulnerable to cyber attacks. Networks with more participants are more vulnerable to cyber attacks. The hacker only needs to infiltrate one participant’s account to access everything.

Windows VPS won’t make you immune to hackers, but it minimizes risk. Host Stage’s Windows VPS takes protection a step further with automatic data backups. Receiving a backup helps your company quickly recover from a cyberattack. A backup can also save you from ransomware costs if a hacker steals vital information and only gives it back to you for a fee. Paying the cyber criminal’s ransomware is illegal in most cases and puts business owners in a difficult position. Windows VPS makes it more challenging for hackers to get into your system, and you’ll have an automatically updated backup in case someone slips through the cybersecurity defenses.

Windows VPS Is Relatively Affordable

Windows VPS costs more than shared hosting. The higher price point provides the advantages we’ve covered in this article. Businesses often choose between Windows VPS and a dedicated server. Not every business owner needs a dedicated server, and Windows VPS provides excellent utility for a low price. You can get started with Windows VPS for as little as $8.95/mo. Host Stage provides various hosting levels to make a private server more accessible. You can browse through their solutions and reach out to the staff if you have any questions. Host Stage clients can upgrade or downgrade their accounts at any time. 

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