How to Write an About Me Page in Your Online Portfolio

Having an online portfolio is not enough to get hired for a job or attract new clients. You also need to have a credible and memorable about me page, as this will summarize who you are as a person and as a working professional.

If you have a compelling about me page, you can easily impress any hiring manager or client. It will help you stand out from the crowd, increasing your chances of landing an interview, project, or job.

In this article, we will discuss the importance of an about me page and how to create an irresistible one.

Why Should Your Online Portfolio Have an About Me Page?

An about me page is an excellent way for prospective clients and employers to learn more about who you are and what you do. This is an essential part of an online portfolio, as it can showcase your professional brand. It is also a great place to feature other skills you deem necessary for employers to know about. You can also put how they can get in touch with you if they like what they see.

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The about me page is one of the most visited pages in any online portfolio. Basically, this page helps potential employers and customers to decide if you’re the right fit for them. It is also your best chance to convert portfolio visits to inquiries and inquiries to closing deals. Remember, this page can make or break any potential job or project offer you might have.

How to Write an About Me Page

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An about me page is your chance to show prospective clients and employers why they will benefit from hiring you over someone else who offers the same services as you do. Here’s how you can create a powerful about me page to land your dream job:


1. Know Your Audience

Before you begin writing an about me page, the first thing you need to do is understand your audience. Who do you want to hire you? Are you a freelancer looking for clients, or are you looking for a full-time job? Writing an about me page targeted to clients is different from writing to recruiters. Remember, knowing your audience is the secret ingredient to writing a compelling about me page. If you understand what your audience is looking for, you can persuade them better.

2. Facts Tell, but Stories Sell

While facts and data about you and your skills can make potential clients or employers interested in you, your story and personal experiences seal the deal. For example, you can share your likes, dislikes, and any interests that are relevant to your field. This allows them to understand that you’re also human and encourage connection even before you meet them personally.

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3. Share What You Believe In

On your about me page, you should also include some statements about things you believe in. If your online portfolio’s goal is to attract future employers, sharing your values on your about me page gives hiring managers a clearer picture of who you are and how you work. In addition, if recruiters see that your values align with the company’s mission and beliefs, they’ll be more interested in reaching out and hiring you.

4. Don’t Forget Your Photo

profile photo

By adding a photo to your about page, you can build trust and credibility. This will show your potential clients and employers that you’re a real person while adding a face to your name and portfolio. But don’t just upload any photos. Make sure that it is professional and only includes you. Don’t upload a selfie or a group photo.

5. Tell Your Professional Story

Apart from some minor personal stories, you should also share your professional journey. Consider talking about how you got to where you are now in your career. This will highlight your past work experiences and, at the same time, show them the skills and expertise you have. For example, you can talk about how you started your career and acquired all the skills you possess now.

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6. Offer Help

If the primary goal of your online portfolio is to attract clients, make sure to add a link to the services you provide. This makes it easy for them to identify what you can offer to them. If you don’t have a link to your services on your portfolio website, you can list them down but be concise. Don’t just focus on what you can do; instead, focus on how you can help them solve their problems.

7. Highlight Your Best Works

Don’t forget to add links to your best works on your about me page. This provides readers a quick way to see that you have the qualifications necessary to be hired for the job. At the same time, this proves your claim about yourself. You don’t need to add all of your best works. Just pick three to five of your favorites that highlight your skills, and create another link that will bring them to all of your samples.

8. Add Testimonials

By adding testimonials to your about page, you can help people understand the benefits of hiring or working with you. Think of it as an endorsement letter; these testimonials show that you can provide effective service and deliver your promises.

This can be either a sentence or a paragraph from your past clients or employers, or you can even add a story that will help them see your expertise in action.

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9. Provide Your Contact Information

Don’t forget to include how readers can reach you if they like what they see. Your contact information is a crucial element of your about me page. You can either add your email address, phone number, or even a contact form.

A call to action can also help persuade potential clients or employers to connect with you. Lastly, if you have a LinkedIn profile, you can also add it here.

10. Use a Friendly Tone

Before posting your about me page, make sure you read it over and aloud. This allows you to check if there are any mistakes and see how your tone sounds. Your about me page should sound professional and friendly at the same time. Make sure that it doesn’t sound robotic, monotonous, and doesn’t use too much jargon that many people will find intimidating.

Your Dream Job Awaits

Even though you have the most impressive online portfolio, you might miss many opportunities if you don’t have an about me page. An about me page showcases all the essential details about you and your career to help you land your dream job.

Your dream job should reflect your goals and aspirations. Finding it may be challenging, but if you know what you want, and it shows on your about me page, you can attract it easily.

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