How To Watch Movies Together On Facetime With SharePlay

When it’s the revamped layout, the well-thought-out performance to create a FaceTime phone from iPhone to Android, or the exciting SharePlay feature which enables users to watch films together on FaceTime, Apple’s video-calling app looks all set to rival video streaming services such as Zoom and Google Meet. So, if you’re prepared to kick off your binge-watching spree with your friends and family members, let us learn how to watch films together on FaceTime with SharePlay!

Use SharePlay in FaceTime to See Films Together

Particularly when dealing with an all-new attribute like Facetime SharePlay, clearing the doubts upfront is the best way to go. So let us first learn about the fundamentals, then we can take a look at the measures to watch films together within a FaceTime call.

What’s SharePlay and How Does It Work?

SharePlay is intended to let users listen to music with Apple Music, share their display, or co-watch films and TV shows in sync while on a FaceTime call. From incorporating access to programs from inside the telephone itself, it enables real time connections for easy play. As a result of the fairly neat shared playback controls, anybody on the video phone can play, pause or jump forward effortlessly. Better still, SharePlay also extends to Apple TV to allow users watch movies and shows on a large screen.

There’s nothing new about FaceTime SharePlay as providers such as Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+ have provided the co-watching attribute for quite a long time. However, what sets Apple’s offering before this curve is the integration and the ability to deliver seamless play across devices, such as iPhone, iPad, and Mac. So, Apple might be a bit late to the party (such as it always does), but it’s kind of nailed the co-watching performance, unlike any other rival.

As the tendency to virtually watch films and TV shows with family and friends is becoming popular throughout the pandemic, Apple needs to cash in on the chance big time.

Which Services Can FaceTime SharePlay Support?

Aside from encouraging Apple Music and Apple TV, SharePlay also works with different third-party video services through an API. Popular streaming solutions which are already onboard are listed below:

  1. Disney+
  2. Hulu
  3. HBO Max
  4. Paramount+
  5. Pluto TV
  6. NBA TV
  7. Twitch
  8. TikTok
  9. MasterClass
  10. ESPN+

Now, if you’re wondering — can you see Netflix with friends on a FaceTime telephone? Well, regrettably, Netflix does not encourage the FaceTime SharePlay feature just yet. Also, we anticipate Spotify to incorporate the SharePlay API to its iOS program in the coming weeks.

Can Android and Windows Users Join Your FaceTime Watch Party?

No, they can’t! While Apple now allows iPhone users to create FaceTime calls to their friends on Android and Windows, you can not movies and TV shows with them.

“SharePlay is supported on iOS, iPadOS, and macOS, and users can also bring their Apple TV to the encounter whenever they would like to display content on a bigger display,” says the Cupertino giant on its own Shareplay API page.

Create and Start a FaceTime Watch Party

  1. Launch the FaceTime app on your iPhone or iPad.

2. Now, tap the Create Link to produce a watch party connection.

3. When the FaceTime watch party was produced, tap the”I” button situated alongside the shareable link below the”Upcoming” section.

4. Then, pick the “Share hyperlink ” option.

5. Next up, the iOS share sheet will make it possible for you to talk about the FaceTime watch celebration link through several channels, such as iMessage, WhatsApp, Messenger, text, email, and much more. You may select the desired medium to invite friends and family.

6. Be certain that you let them in. After they’ve all got on board, launching your favorite supported video streaming program . After that, opt for an exciting movie or show to watch together and flourish! Oh yes, make certain to bring on the popcorn so you can enjoy every bit of this show.

7. As I mentioned above, FaceTime delivers handy shared controls so that anyone on the telephone can play, pause, and leap ahead effortlessly. This can especially be convenient if your friend should use the restroom, grab his Uber Eats delivery, or answer an urgent call.

Enjoy FaceTime Watch Party Using SharePlay

So, that is how you can make a watch party using FaceTime SharePlay and watch films together with friends and family members. As always, we’ve been digging into Apple’s newest iOS upgrade to explore all new capabilities.

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