How to Use Wakelet to Collaborate With Your Team Effectively

Collaboration at work usually requires thinking outside-the-box. For the process to work well, this can be extended to the platforms you use. To generate new ideas, and encourage new contributors to the table, finding ways to make participation more accessible is a great place to start.

So, if you want this, the Wakelet application could be your answer. Let’s have a look at what Wakelet is, and how you can use it to collaborate more effectively with your teams.

What Is Wakelet, and How Does It Work?

Screenshot of Wakelet Collection

Wakelet is a content curation platform that allows you to create and share work, and provides an ideal space for collaboration. The application is completely free to use, and you can create a personal account, or an educator’s account.

The personal account just requires a simple registration to get started. The educators account is designed with teachers and trainers in mind, and enables you to securely import classrooms and students from Google Classrooms, your workplace’s Microsoft account, or Clever.

Both types give you access to the following features:

  • Collections: Where you post and share your content.
  • Spaces: This contains your collections.
  • Layout designs.
  • The ability to post links, images, documents, text, videos, and more.
  • Sharing your Wakelet, and making it public or private.

You can use Wakelet on your web browser, and you can add it as an extension to Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. If you prefer, you can also download the application, which is available for Android and iOS.


Download: Wakelet for Android | iOS (Free)

The fact that Wakelet is available across different devices means that you can access your account on the go, and from different sites. This is especially useful for remote working, jobs that involve travel, and if your colleagues use varying technology.

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How to Set Up Wakelet for Collaboration

Screenshot of Wakelet Spaces Page

Once you’ve created an account, you will be taken to your personal home screen. Wakelet will automatically create your first Space for you, which will usually include the name and username that you signed up with. If you want to create a new Space for collaborating with your team, just do the following:

  1. On the left of your screen, click the Plus sign.
  2. Under the heading Space name (required), type a name for your new Space.
  3. Optional: Click the Edit Image symbol to add an image to your Space.
  4. Click Create.

If you want to join an already existing Space, that someone else has created, simply click the hyperlink that says Got a code? Join a space. This will enable you to enter the code and click Join.

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At this point, you can share your Space with your colleagues. This will give them access to all the collections within that Space, and they will also be able to make their own collections. You may want to do this if your Space is dedicated to a particular area of work, or you want to facilitate an open forum for your team to collaborate.

To do this, simply go to Members, which is situated under your Space title, and click Invite members. You can invite others by copying the Link or Code, and send it to them however you like, or you can enter their E-mails to send an e-mail invite. If they already have a Wakelet account, you can search for their Username and invite them that way.

However, you might only want to grant your colleagues access to specific collections. In this case, you will need to create a collection:

  • From your home screen, go to Collections.
  • Click Create a new collection.
  • This will bring you to your new Collection page.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to Enter a title, and Write a short description for your collection.
  • In the top-left of your screen, click the Paint Palette icon to bring up layout design options.
  • Choose from the layout designs by clicking each of them, until you find one you prefer.
  • From this panel, you can also upload a Cover image and Background image, if you like.

Now that your first collection is set up, you can share it with your colleagues, which will allow them to add and edit existing posts. Just click the blue Share button in the top-right of your screen, go to Invite collaborators, and select from the sharing options.

Using Wakelet to Collaborate With Your Team Effectively

Screenshot of Wakelet Posts

You can collaborate on Wakelet during team meetings, and is handy if your team aren’t as forthcoming with verbal contributions, or if you have larger teams. For example, you can share your collection link during a meeting, and ask your team to spend five meetings adding their ideas for a specific project.

This allows your colleagues to put their suggestions forward at their own pace, without having to wait their turn in conversation. It’s also ideal for those team members who are quieter and don’t speak up as much. In addition, they will be able to see other’s ideas in real-time, which may spark more constructive thinking.

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Once everyone has participated, they can vote on the ones that they agree with, by clicking the Thumbs up icon on each post. This can prompt organic discussion that doesn’t need to be as heavily facilitated by you or the host.

On the other hand, Wakelet can be used outside of meetings, as a way for the team to communicate and add ideas in their own time. This approach has a more community feel to it, and if you opted to share your entire Space with your team, they can create their own Collection that operates as a discussion forum.

You and your work-mates can upload files you’ve been working on, share media links, voice notes, and videos, which means that everyone can contribute in the medium they like the most. When you’re happy with the additions, you can export the Collection by clicking the Settings cog icon in the top-left of your screen, and selecting Export as PDF, to save your team’s work as a snapshot of the overall work.

Working Together Made Easy

Wakelet is incredibly user-friendly, and provides a space for you and your team to work together on projects, and open-ended work. Because it is a permanent fixture, it isn’t time-limited to meeting-based discussions, and it contains everything in one place.

If you’re wondering how to take collaboration to the next level, or make your teamwork more accessible, Wakelet is a fantastic option. Give Wakelet a try and see if it can add value to your work.

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