How to Use the CHAR Function in Excel

You do not at all times need to kind what you need to present in a cell. You should use the ASCII code for that character to print it in a cell in Excel. This turns out to be useful when the character that you simply need to kind can’t be typed by standard means.

The CHAR perform means that you can print characters and letters utilizing their ASCII quantity. Learn on to find out how this may be helpful, and the way you should utilize the CHAR perform.

The CHAR Perform

CHAR is a core Excel perform that takes in an ASCII code and returns the image or character for that quantity. ASCII stands for American Commonplace Code for Info Interchange. ASCII codes are utilized in computer systems and telecommunication programs, the place they flip information into normal digital codecs that may be saved in pc storage.

ASCII contains the English letters, numbers, most symbols, and a few non-printing characters reminiscent of (nl). It’s these non-printing characters that make CHAR a helpful perform. As an illustration, you’ll be able to add a line break to a cell or perform utilizing the CHAR perform.

The CHAR perform will also be an alternate escape from wildcards in Excel. For instance, if you wish to use the asterisk (*) in a perform however do not intend it to be a wildcard, you should utilize the CHAR perform to print it.

Except for these usages, it’s also possible to use the CHAR perform for strange letters and numbers as properly. As an illustration, the quantity 65 is an ASCII code for the letter A.



The CHAR perform is straight-forward and has just one variable. You want solely give it the ASCII quantity for a personality, and it’ll return the character itself.

Yow will discover a full listing of ASCII characters within the ASCII table that the College of Villanova has put collectively. You too can create a program that finds the ASCII worth of a personality.

How you can Use the CHAR Perform in Excel

To get an concept of the CHAR perform, let’s use it to kind MUO in a cell. You should use the ampersand deal with (&) to mix a number of CHAR capabilities collectively in a single cell.

The ASCII numbers for M, U, and O are 77, 85, and 79, respectively. Now let’s write these out utilizing the CHAR perform.

  1. Choose the cell the place you need to show the output. We’ll use cell A1.
  2. Sort within the formulation under within the formulation bar:
    =CHAR(77) & CHAR(85) & CHAR(79)

    This formulation calls on three CHAR capabilities to kind the three specified characters.

  3. Press Enter. The cell will now present MUO.

Frankly, on this case, typing MUO would have been a lot simpler. However now that you know the way to make use of the CHAR perform, let’s have a look at it at work with a extra sensible instance.

Sample use of CHAR function in Excel.

On this instance, we’ll use the CHAR perform to create a line break in an Excel cell. The aim is to have a cell present the textual content Microsoft Excel with a line break between Microsoft and Excel. The ASCII quantity for a line break is 10.

  1. Choose the cell the place you need to present the textual content. We’ll use cell A1 for this instance.
  2. Go to the House menu from the ribbon and click on on Wrap Textual content.
  3. Go to the formulation bar and enter the formulation under:
    ="Microsoft" & CHAR(10) & "Excel"

    It will name the CHAR perform between the 2 phrases and apply a line break.

  4. Press Enter.

CHAR function used to line break in Exel cell.

Flip Numbers Into Letters With CHAR

CHAR is a perform that permits you to flip ASCII numbers into their characters. Except for typical letters and numbers, you should utilize the CHAR perform to combine non-printable characters reminiscent of line breaks into your formulation. This has the potential to allow you to create subtle compound formulation in Excel.

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