#4 Method: How To Send Voice Message On iPhone?

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If you don’t want to send a voice memo, swipe left in the chat to close the message. The process of recording and sending a voice message via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or any other messaging app is similar to the one described above. The difference is that WhatsApp sends the message when you take your finger off the microphone.

How To Send Voice Message On iPhone

How To Send Voice Message On iPhone
How To Send Voice Message On iPhone

#1 Method: How To Send Voice Message On iPhone

Start the Messages app on your iPhone and navigate to the conversation you want to send a voice message once you have opened the conversation; touch and hold the microphone icon in your text box to start talking.

#2 Method: How To Send Voice Message On iPhone

You can also share voice notes with iMessage using the built-in Voice Memo app. If you have an iPhone and want to send an audio message to Android users, open the voice memo app plugged into the iPhone.

#3 Method: How To Send Voice Message On iPhone

Follow these steps to learn how to use Siri to send voice and audio messages on your iPhone. With the iOS 14 update, Siri automatically records your voice and sends it as a voice or audio message. You can also ask it to send a message, and it will transcribe it into a text for you.

Just because you can send a voicemail message on your iPhone doesn’t mean the recipient has to be one. You can send voice messages via any messaging app, but the beauty of Siri is that you can do it without holding your iPhone in your hand (provided you have AirPods or other headphones). You can also make voicemail recordings as text messages or email attachments, and they can be received from any device.

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In any case, your iPhone offers the ability to send voice messages to your contacts so that they can hear what you are saying without reading the words on the screen. We love this method because it is flexible in how you can forward voicemail. It is possible to deliver a voicemail on your iPhone, just as you can send an audio file, SMS, or email.

This feature only works in person, but if you send voice messages on an iPhone, iPad, or MacBook with iMessage installed, it’s a quick and easy way to chat with someone.
Remember that it will delete the audio message after a few minutes but stored it forever. It ensures that every voice message you send or receive does not expire on your device.

The ability to send audio messages via Siri is limited to the Messages app. You cannot compose or share audio messages with third-party instant messaging apps such as WhatsApp or Telegram. You can keep audio messages by customizing the option in the app’s settings.

It is important to remember that audio messages have access problems because they do not have captions. Try to consider the recipient of the voice message before sending it. It is also important to consider who the recipient is before sending a voice message to your chat.

Audio messages are imperfect and unsuitable for every conversation, but they have become a core part of my text style. I plan to keep using them as I feel they enhance the interaction, encouraging other people to try them out. But since they are for newcomers, let’s highlight that they are not the same as talking text messages.

If you have an iPhone, you can record and send voice messages via iMessage or chat. The later feature allows you to dictate a text message to your phone through the microphone, and the words are input for you, while the first feature will enable you to record and send an audio clip of your voice. Speaking of calls, tap and click to send a call from your computer, laptop, or tablet.

#4 Method: How To Send Voice Message On iPhone

When you send text messages on your iPhone, sending an audio message is as simple as tapping a button. Whether you have an iPhone or Android, we have some steps to help you get started with audio messages.

You can record your own words, say what you want, pause, and even whisper in high or low pitches. The drawback of Apple’s voicemail application for the iPhone is that it lacks features such as sending voicemail messages, which is an essential option for business owners. Still, Google Voice provides an easy way for iPhone users to have more control over voicemail. It’s proprietary, like many other features on Apple products.

Tap iMessage to start a new conversation, or tap the compose button at the top right to add a contact. If you are the recipient of the voice message, tap the triangle playback button to hear it.

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To record your message, be sure to hold your finger down right all the time. Speak out your message and remove your finger from the screen when you’re done. Tap the voice memo you wish to send and tap the blue share button at the bottom left.

Once you have finished speaking, lift your finger off the screen to stop the recording. Stop talking for a few seconds until Siri recognizes that you have finished recording. The audio message is compiled in a pop-up and displayed on your iPhone or iPad screen.

You have the option to send, cancel, play and record your voice. You don’t have to press the screen to check the audio message or command Siri to perform the action you want to accomplish. You can open a conversation with your friend by tapping the icon to the right of your text box.

There is also a play button with an up arrow to tap when you want to send your message. You can see the sound waves reflected by your voice as you speak.

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