How to Send Disappearing Photos and Videos in WhatsApp?

Ever wanted to send photos and videos to WhatsApp but didn’t want them to be saved in the chat window? WhatsApp will soon allow you to search for what you’re looking for. WhatsApp recently confirmed the feature in an interview and has now started rolling out the ability to send disappearing photos or videos to beta testers. This feature is called “View Once”, and you can use it to send photos and videos that self-destruct after being viewed in WhatsApp.

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Before we get started, it is worth noting that beta testers are only allowed to use the “View Once mode”. You may not see the feature immediately on your device. WhatsApp could, however, roll out the feature to all users within the next few weeks.

What is the “View Once” Mode in WhatsApp

View Once, a new WhatsApp feature allows users to exchange images or videos privately. View once mode allows you to send media that will disappear once the recipient has seen it. My testing shows that you can see if the recipient opened the image, even if read receipts are disabled. Before you use the feature, there are some things that you need to be aware of. View Once mode may not be as private as you might think.

While images and videos are deleted when the recipient closes them down, the receiver can still take screenshots. WhatsApp will not notify you if the recipient takes photos. WhatsApp admits to this limitation and displays a pop-up explaining it when you first use View Once mode. It suggests that WhatsApp does not plan on implementing a screenshot detection system in the future. If you’re thinking about sending private images via this feature, it is better to use Snapchat or other secure messaging apps.

Once you’ve sent an image or video to View, Once mode, the recipient (sender) cannot open it from the conversation pages. If you accidentally send an image, you can delete it for everyone.

WhatsApp: View Once Mode vs Disappearing Messages

Now you might be curious if WhatsApp has an option for sending disappearing messages. Yes, it does. What makes the View Once feature different from disappearing messages? That is what this section will examine.

The duration is the main difference between View Once and disappearing messages. Messages sent in WhatsApp’s disappearing messages mode will expire after seven days. However, it will delete View Once photos and videos once the recipient has opened the media file. The new feature is also different from disappearing messages in that it has a limited scope. View Once only allows you to view images and videos, while text and media files are affected by disappearing messages.

WhatsApp Disappearing Photos Feature

Nowadays, there are various things that people wish to see on their smartphones, like new widgets or innovative features, but most often, these things are not seen by users because the phone makers do not recognize them as widgets or features. One such feature which people longs for is the WhatsApp disappearing photos feature.

This particular feature has been launched with the new 4.3 version of the Google Android operating system. According to the developers of this application, whenever the user sends a message to someone on this application, the person receiving the message will see a picture of that person when he next looks at their smartphone.

The latest Whatsapp update is going to introduce a whole new feature for users to check. Many desire to know more about the WhatsApp disappearing photos feature. The manner how disappearing photos would function is a bit different.

There will be two choices; in the normal disappearing photo mode, the sender and recipient can view it as soon as they are on the messaging page and open it at any point in time. Another option is that if the user wants to show this disappearing photo to another person, they can switch to the ‘Share’ option from within the messenger and then share it with their friend.

The recipient can then download this photo and then use it for personal purposes. But the best part of this particular feature is that the images will not disappear from the phone’s memory. Only the links to the images will vanish from the memory of the device. So if you lose your images, you need not worry, enter into the WhatsApp disappearing photos feature and present them to your friends.

Steps to send View Once photos/ videos in WhatsApp

Now that you know more about the View Once feature and its workings let’s see how to use it in chats and group discussions.

  1. You can open a WhatsApp chat to select an image or video using the media picker UI. It is the same way you usually do when you want to send photos or videos through the messaging app.

2. Tap on the View Once button at the bottom of the chatbox. Once you enable it, the icon will turn green.

3. You can’t see the image that you have sent to the chat window, as we mentioned. Instead, you’ll see text next to the image that reads Photo along with a clock icon. That is how an image sent in View Once mode looks for both the sender AND recipient.

4. To reflect the current status, the text Photo, the recipient’s media file, will change to “Opened” automatically when the recipient opens it. This is regardless of whether read receipts privacy settings are enabled. I was able to see the date and time that the image was opened when I switched off both read receipts. To view detailed information about the photo/video, long-press the chat bubble labelled Opened and tap the ‘i‘ button.

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WhatsApp allows you to send self-destructing photos and videos.

That is how to use the View Once feature on WhatsApp to send expired photos and videos. The feature does not have a detection or screenshot blocking mechanism, so I wouldn’t recommend exchanging personal images or videos. It could be helpful for images that aren’t sensitive.

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