How to Save Money on a Spotify Premium Subscription

Spotify Premium adds a lot of cool functionality to the popular music streaming service. With Spotify Premium, you can get rid of the ads, listen to music offline, skip tracks, and a lot more.

There are many ways of getting Spotify Premium at discounted prices. So, let’s look at a list of ways you can save money on a Spotify Premium subscription.

1. Deals on the Official Spotify Website

As of this writing, Spotify currently offers four different subscriptions to its users, which includes one month of Spotify Premium for free.

Spotify Promotion with AT&T

Individual Package

An individual subscription for Spotify Premium costs $9.99 per month. Allowing you to listen to music without the annoying ads, Spotify Premium for individuals lets you play tracks offline and provides on-demand playback if you need to shuffle your tracks constantly. If you are planning to use Spotify alone, this is an economical package for you.

Duo Package

Spotify Premium allows two premium accounts for its Duo subscription. Aside from all the individual package features, Spotify Duo also offers Duo Mix, which allows you and your partner to share a playlist. Spotify created this deal for couples, which makes sharing music with another person pretty easy.

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Family Package

Family subscription is the most wholesome package in terms of features. Like Duo Mix, you get a shared playlist called Family Mix. Additionally, you can apply it to six accounts within your family.

With Spotify Premium’s Family subscription, you can block inappropriate content and set up Spotify Kids for the children in the family. Other than that, you will also get all the features included in other subscriptions.


Student Package

Spotify has another popular package in the form of a Student subscription. While retaining the features of the standard Individual package, Spotify Premium for Students is the cheapest deal that Spotify offers.

In addition, it also includes subscriptions to the streaming services like Hulu and Showtime for students in the US. If you are a student who fits the other requirements for this offer, you can subscribe to Spotify with a student discount.

2. Buy a Gift Card and Get Cashback

Spotify Gift Card

Websites like Amazon, Groupon, Rakuten, and Raise offer discounted gift cards for Spotify Premium. Additionally, you can use these gift cards for discounts and cashback.

For example, if you buy a Spotify gift card through Rakuten or Raise, you’ll earn up to 5% cashback. On the other hand, Groupon can help you save 50% on the Student subscription.

These e-gift cards are instantly delivered to you through your email. So, you can save money on the Spotify packages mentioned above.

3. Packaged With Your Phone Carrier

Spotify Promotion with AT&T

Phone carriers also provide deals for Spotify subscriptions. You can check with your phone carrier to find out if they offer a Spotify subscription. For example, AT&T offers users free Spotify Premium along with its plans.

4. Three Months Free with PayPal

Spotify Premium Promotion with PayPal

PayPal also offers a three-month free Spotify Premium subscription to its users. To get this deal, you have to subscribe to Spotify Premium through a PayPal account.

Don’t Fall for the Online Scams

While searching for Spotify Premium discounts, you’ll come across many shady websites offering free premium accounts and free premium apps, so it’s important to be cautious.

With all the legitimate ways to get Spotify for a cheaper price, it’s not worth risking your personal and financial information for Spotify Premium. After all, it can lead to grave consequences, like identity theft and other legal repercussions.

Enjoy Spotify Premium With These Deals

The deals mentioned above are just some examples of how you can save money on Spotify Premium subscriptions. When possible, always watch out for similar deals as these can save you a lot of money.

However, remember to only use legitimate sources for discounts and avoid scammers. With the information in this article, we hope that you can find the best deal.

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