Best 21 Tips: How To Save iPhone Battery Life?

Are you searching for tips on how to save iPhone battery life, then you have visited the right website. This article is going to discuss how you can stop your phone from charging when it is fully charged, how to turn off WiFi and Bluetooth, how to make sure that your apps are not running in the background, how to manage your brightness levels, and how to force quit apps from running in the background.

The iPhone is a smartphone designed and produced by Apple Inc. that runs the iOS mobile operating system. Apple is known for its elegant, intuitive, user-friendly design.

Apple aims to simplify how people interact with their iPhone, including turning off their phone and charging it battery life.

What steps should you take to save your phone’s battery life?

The answer to how to save your iPhone battery life depends on how often you use it and how long each time you use it. For many people, their iPhone is their lifeline to the rest of the world. They depend on it to get directions, call for help, and more. So how can you make sure that your iPhone’s battery lasts all day long? Here are some steps to help conserve your iPhone’s battery life:

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How To Save iPhone Battery Life?

how To Save iPhone Battery Life
How To Save iPhone Battery Life

1) Turn off the background app refresh: Turn off the background app refresh for some iOS apps, including Twitter. These applications continue running in the background and consume your device’s power unnecessarily. Go to ‘Settings,’ then tap ‘General‘ on the left-hand corner, and select ‘Background App Refresh.’ Then simply choose how you want to disable it.

2) Turn down display brightness: ** You can turn down the screen brightness to save battery life when not using iPhone for extended periods, such as at night or while sleeping. Simply drag up from the bottom of the screen to open Control Center > Tap ‘Screen Brightness‘ and adjust it accordingly **.

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3) Reduce vibrations: It is clear that the vibration feature is designed to save battery power, so if you don’t need it often, you can turn it off in Control Center > Sound & Haptics > Vibrations.

4) Disable the Raise to Wake feature on your iPhone: You don’t have to use this feature when taking a look at your lock screen by simply tapping it. Go ‘Settings‘ and tap ‘Display & Brightness. Then disable the ‘Raise to Wake‘ option completely.

5) Automatically close background app running in the background –

iOS 9 devices: Your device can automatically quit apps that are running without being used. To do so, go back to Settings again, then pick up General > Background App Refresh > and finally press app name on the right to turn off Background App Refresh.

6) Use Airplane Mode for extending battery life: You can switch it on when not using your device, especially flying in an airplane. Turn on Airplane mode in Control Center > tap airplane icon and select how long you want to turn it on. When turned on, all you will be able to do is use iPhone’s essential apps like Phone, Messages, and Mail.

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7) Don’t send unnecessary notifications: It wastes power due to the constant glowing of the LED light while letting your iOS device screen bouncing continuously when new messages arrived and various alert pop-ups appear. The best way is to disable notifications from unimportant apps such as Facebook or WhatsApp if you don’t need to frequently remind you about new messages. Go back to Settings, tap ‘Notifications‘ and select how often you want to receive notifications for an app.

8) Turn off your iPhone when not using: Of course, in general, this is common sense, but how many of us turn off their device? At night or when leaving the house without taking an iPhone with you, switch it off completely to save power until the next time you need it. Simply press on ‘Power button‘ > slide, hold the slider, and tap ‘Turn Off.’

9) Close Messages application: As we all know, the Messages app plays one of the significant roles in being one of the most energy-consuming apps on iOS devices because it continuously works in the background. So how to save iPhone battery life? You can give it a try by closing the app before putting your phone into sleep mode or turning it off completely.

10) Lower screen brightness: You may ask how these two tips are different; both of them are explained here.

Yes, the display brightness is related to turning down screen brightness because it also consumes power while turned on and working. Turning down display brightness will make you use the lower option for automatically adjusting brightness when moving indoors or outdoors. Please turn off the Auto-Brightness feature completely so that adjust itself won’t occur every time you move indoors and outdoors during different times, e.g., sunset or sunrise. Go back to Settings > General > Accessibility Display Accommodations. And turn off ‘Set Automatically.’

11) Disable Auto-Lock and lower the amount of time: ** You may ask how these two tips are different; both of them are explained here **.

Yes, Auto-Lock is related to how long before auto-locking, but if you set it too short (e.g., 5 minutes or 1 minute), how can you immediately receive a message from any app? So you should avoid doing this unless your goal is only to save battery life instead of receiving messages within a reasonable time frame. Go back to Settings > General > Accessibility > Auto-Lock. Select how often the iPhone will lock itself when inactive to save power, such as 15 minutes, 30 minutes, or 1 hour.

12) Turn off WIFI: How to save iPhone battery life? It is simple, but how many of us actually do it? When you are in a place with a weak signal, home or underground location, how can you not disable WIFI on your device when you don’t need it to search for any available connection, e.g., not at home with a strong WiFi signal nor anywhere close to another wireless network such as office building/restaurant, etc.? Go back to Settings > WiFi and switch WIFI off completely.

13) Reduce Blue Light: The blue light makes the screen appear brighter than usual while also making your eyes more tired after staring at the screen for long hours without proper rest. So how to save iPhone battery life? The easiest way is by turning on ‘Night Shift Mode‘ available in the latest iOS 9.3, and it allows you to reduce how much blue light your screen emits at certain times of day, which many studies show can affect how well you sleep. Go back to Settings > Display & Brightness and enable ‘Blue Light Reduction.

14) Disable iMessage: It wastes power and data due to its constant notification working even though no new messages are received. On both devices with iMessage or without iMessage, such as iPad, if you don’t need this app for sending messages, disable it for saving energy consumption, especially while using cellular data when turned off the WiFi connection. Go back to Settings > Messages and slide iMessage switch to off position.

15) Quit Pandora: Wouldn’t be surprised if the majority of users who use Pandora while driving are those who use built-in GPS navigation because it doesn’t have free offline map data. Even if you have offline map data, how much of it can be stored on your iPhone? That is something else how to save iPhone battery life, so how about not using Pandora at all? Exit the app by tapping the Home button twice.

16) Use Low Power Mode: This is just a temporary solution and how to save iPhone battery life isn’t permanent unless you change how much time you usually spend on each application every day, e.g., how many hours do you spend on Facebook and how frequent do you use it for checking new updates every day?

If answered more than 2-3 hours/day, consider spending less time or leaving your FB app alone for a few hours will help save iPhone battery life. Go back to Settings > Battery and enable Low Power Mode, which disables unnecessary activities on your device, and how to save iPhone battery life? For how much time? It depends on how long you have until you can charge your phone back to 100%.

17) Uninstall unused apps: Too many useless apps installed may increase the power consumption of your device because the more app running in the background, the higher power usage when they are not used at all.

If you think saving iPhone battery life is a waste of time, stop reading this article right now or go back first to Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage. You will see all iOS apps in a list with their size and how much space they occupy in total. Select any app in the list and how to save iPhone battery life? On the right side of each app, you will see how much data or space it occupies on your device, along with the percentage.

18) Close apps: App not in use anymore, then how to save iPhone battery life? Just close them by double-touching the Home button and swipe up to close each one. If there are even more unneeded applications, such as how to save iPhone battery life?

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Select the ‘Open‘ icon on the upper left corner, then tap the X icon next to an app’s name, which is considered as to how to save iPhones battery life permanently because if we do this regularly, how many useless apps have been installed will be removed automatically after a few days of this habit.

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19) Disable Location Services as much as possible: How to save iOS 8/iPhone 6 battery life? App developers that created how to save iPhone 6 battery in single charge apps are smart enough to know how important, how many GPS satellites we have and how frequent they need their app uses location services such as how to save iPhone 6 plus battery? And the perfect example is how the sticky ‘Foursquare‘ app appears after updating your iPhone with iOS 8.

You can easily disable Location Services for each app individually in Settings > Privacy > Location Services. If you are using Maps, Play Store, or similar kinds of apps frequently, keep them enable since they use localized data required by how to save iPhone battery life but how about how many useless apps that don’t require how to save iPhone 6 plus battery?

20) Close unnecessary background tasks: How about Apple’s Maps app that we frequently used for how to save iPhone 6 battery while working with it when it is placed near the top of our multitasking bar? It can be an excellent example of how often we unintentionally let some apps run in the background, consuming more power than they should, such as how much time per day checks Facebook updates from your friend’s status.

21) Use 3D Touch: Honestly, it is not my favorite feature on iPhone 6 devices, but 3D Touch offers more opportunities for any user to do whatever they need faster without opening other apps, such as sending a quick reply.

Wrapping Up!

The tips given in this blog post will hopefully help you to save your iPhone battery life. Share this article with your friends and on your social media platforms.

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