How To Print New York Times Articles

In this blog post, I want to write how to print New York Times Articles. It is a simple process that anyone can do at any time, and it will help you save money on subscriptions. It will then save the article on your computer or mobile device. All you need is a printer and the URL of the article you would like to read, which I have provided for each step below.

Here’s how:

How To Print New York Times Articles

1) Go to the website Click on “Search” and enter your keyword(s) in the search box below the paper edition cover photo (i.e., “Obama” or “World Cup”). Click “GO.” A list of relevant headlines will appear with links for printing options at the top of each article preview window.

2) Click the button under the headline that reads “Print this page.” A pop-up window will appear with a choice of how many copies you want and how you would like them printed (e.g., double-sided, only the article displayed). Make your choices and click “Print it.” The different print preview options are:

· Full Page: Just like it sounds, the entire article or ad is on one page.

· Two Sided: Prints two pages side by side, so the text is right side up when both pages are folded in half horizontally.

· One-Sided: Prints one page with its backside up so it can be read when both sides are folded in half horizontally. This option has the added benefit of requiring fewer sheets of paper.

· Open Ad: Prints a full ad size on one page with the article or other ads on the opposing page(s).

3) You can also print NY Times articles from outside their website using mobile apps. Just download an app onto your phone or tablet, open it up, and log in with your account information to begin searching for articles, headlines, and photos within the app. The New York Times offers two mobile apps – one for iPads/iPhones, called “NYTimes,” and another for Android devices called “Today’s Paper.”

4) A 4th method is available if you have just a web browser and no smartphone or tablet. Go to, enter your keywords, and choose how you’d like the article displayed – one page, two pages, etc., as described above for printing from their website. You can also make use of the NYTimes mobile apps on this site; install the app on your device and log in with your account information (or create a new account) before searching for articles.


In summary, how to print New York Times articles can be done in four ways. Choose the method that best suits your needs and preferences so you don’t lose out on any content! If you have a web browser without an internet connection or smartphone/tablet with no data plan, use this 4th option. Otherwise, consider using one of the other three methods described above depending on how much time is available for reading and how long it will take to read each article printed.

Please feel free to ask any questions about how to print New York Times articles by leaving a comment below.

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