How to Make Your Custom Patches Look Perfect?

Custom patches are a great addition to your clothing that gives you style and fulfils certain purposes. Back in the 70’s, custom patches were a great fashion statement that were worn sportingly over jackets, t-shirts, hats and in other items.

Today, the use of custom patches has made a comeback and it is not only limited for the use of fashion but is used for meeting various purposes. For instance, many biker club wear custom motorcycle vest back patches to show their belonging to a group and channelling a sense of solidarity.

While placing your order for custom patches you need to take care of certain things. After all, you want your patches to look perfect right? Well, then follow our lead and take care of below listed points the next time you place your order.

1.    Choosing the right colour sequence

The thread colors you choose influences the appearance of the patch you are making. Depending on the type of patch you are manufacturing the colors must be chosen. If the patches are for a formal event then choose colors that aren’t too flashy.

Simple choice of color sequence for a formal event patch is a perfect option. Whereas, for events that have special requirement such as charity events or a school function, a color matching the school emblem or charity cause is a suitable one.

And for patches for motorcycle clubs or any light hearted occasion you can choose vibrant colors. Don’t choose too many colors, instead, stick to two-three color sequences for a custom patch.

2.   Deciding to add varied elements

Now, there are several crucial elements that need to be added on the patch to complete it. The design, artwork, text, etc. Choosing each of these elements depending on your requirement is crucial.

One thing you need to keep in mind when deciding to add all these elements is to not go overboard with them. If you add too much on a patch then it would look chaotic. Try to keep the artwork as the central element of the patch.

If it feels like an absolute necessity to add text on the patch then make sure to choose short text instead of a long text. The longer the text, the harder it will become to adjust the text on the patch.

3.   Choosing the right kind of patch

There are different types of patches and choosing the most suitable one is essential. Whether you want an embroidered patch or a woven patch, makes a lot of difference on the overall appearance and look of these patches.

Embroidered patches give a raised feel and a little bit of dimensional effect to patches. They look extremely great for informal events whereas woven patches are pressed and flat looking. They are ideal for formal events.


So, what are you waiting for? If you want your patches to look perfect then make sure to follow the above guidelines while placing your order with a patch manufacturer. If it is custom motorcycle vest back patches that you are looking for make sure to follow the above-listed steps.

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