How to Make a TAR Directory and Compress Your Data on Linux

Knowledge compression is a good way to save lots of storage in your desktop. Here is how one can create TAR directories to create space for different information on Linux.

Using the Zipper to Zip Stuff

Compressing information and directories is without doubt one of the most simple functionalities of an working system. On Linux, the usual format for making a compressed file is Tape Archive or tarball, or just TAR.

You may also apply additional compression utilizing gzip and bzip2 to create TAR.GZ and TAR.BZ2 information, respectively. tar alone is a uncooked archiving utility for Linux-based programs.

Earlier than we take a look at the best way to make a TAR listing, let’s ensure you have tar put in in your Linux system.

Putting in tar on Your Linux Desktop

A lot of the trendy Linux distros have tar put in by default. Nonetheless, if you do not have it, you’ll be able to set up it utilizing the next instructions:

On Debian and Ubuntu-based distros:

sudo apt set up tar

On Arch Linux and different Arch-based distros:

sudo pacman -S tar

On RHEL, CentOS, and Fedora:

sudo yum set up tar

Making a TAR Listing and Compressing Knowledge on Linux

The primary most vital step is to open the Terminal within the listing the place your information or subdirectories are current. You are able to do so by both utilizing the cd command or right-clicking within the listing and deciding on Open in Terminal from the context menu.

Now, to compress information or directories utilizing tar, you’ll be able to merely use the next instructions.

To create a TAR listing:

tar -cvf archivename.tar directory_path

To compress a listing and create a TAR.GZ file:

tar -czvf archivename.tar.gz directory_path


Within the above instructions, c, z, v, and f stand for Create, gzip, Verbose, and Filename, respectively. You possibly can be taught in regards to the distinction between TAR and TAR.GZ right here.

For instance, to compress a folder named Take a look at utilizing tar:

tar -czvf Take a look at-file.tar.gz Take a look at

Making a TAR Directory of Another Directory

We created a TAR file named Take a look at-File utilizing the tar command within the instance above.

Create a TAR Listing Utilizing 7-Zip

If you happen to do not desire command-line options, you may as well set up 7-Zip. As soon as put in, merely right-click on the listing and click on Compress. It allows you to select the TAR.XZ format, the place XZ is a sort of compression like gzip.

Making a TAR Directory Using 7zip

Compress Your Knowledge on Linux Utilizing TAR Directories

So now you understand other ways to make TAR directories on Linux. You should utilize these strategies to compress your knowledge for varied functions like sharing or saving.

You possibly can’t open or launch TAR information or directories as you’d with regular information and folders. You’ll want to decompress the tarball first to entry its contents.

how to zip or unzip tar and tar.gz files

The best way to Zip and Unzip or Extract TAR and TAR.GZ Information

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